My Back Hurts!


Ooh!  Now there’s a catchy first title to get people to read my blog.  But here’s my plan.  I’m going to start from where I am now, and then maybe go back and forth with my weight-loss history.  I’ve been reading PastaQueen’s book, and her descriptions of all the changes she has gone through both mentally and physically have made me reflect on some of the changes that have happened to me over the past 3 1/2 years.  I had almost forgotten some of the things that have happened, and I think it will be helpful to me to write them down so I will remember that it is a good thing that I have lost this weight.  Later I will write a profile of me (in case anybody is interested) but for now back to my aching back.

Somewhere along the line I have hurt my back–the xray says I have some ‘slipping and narrowing’ of the discs.  I actually have an appointment with the spinal doctor next week.  But for now, its not terrible.  Some irritable numbness and tingling in my legs, and my lower back sometimes feels like it felt everyday when I was fat.

I joined Tigerlily’s walking challenge ( but for the last two weeks I have had a bad cold, and basically have not walked for 2 weeks.  So, today was the day to get out there again.  I started out with high hopes of making 3 miles, but right at the start my back started aching.  But I kept on, and pretty soon it disappeared.  I ended up going a lot farther, about 7 miles total, and saw some gorgeous scenery (I live in the sierra foothills) and took a break by a stream with all kinds of little waterfalls, and ate the apple and string cheese that I had in my backpack.


It was a great day, and mostly I was so happy that I could still do it.  I still have the feeling that everything is going to disappear if I goof up with food and/or exercise.  I have walked for my exercise since I started losing weight, but thanks to Tigerlily, I have really upped my ability to walk longer and stronger, and it felt great to know I had not lost all those hill-walking muscles in the past 2 weeks.

4 thoughts on “My Back Hurts!

  1. Yea Debby! I am so glad your have a blog now. Thank you for all of your comments. It is nice to know I am not alone on this journey!

  2. Hi Debby!!!

    Blog looks good so far! Sorry about your back troubles – I wondered what happened to you on the challenge. I have been having trouble getting up in the mornings and walking, but I’m still doing better than before the challenge started.

    Sounds like a pretty walk you had yesterday!! I get to look at my garage door when I walk! =(

  3. Yeah Debby!! I’m so glad you are blogging… it gives us all a better chance to cheer you on. I’m glad your cold has cleared, but I’m sorry to hear that you back is hurting you. Ask your doctor about doing yoga… the stretching may be something that will help you heal.

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