I Got Nuttin’, Honey

This morning my bloggy friend, Jill sent out a plea for others to write something to inspire her.  I don’t really have anything inspirational to write myself.  I did want to report that thanks to many of you (I think) I am really on a roll.  After thinking about it for a couple of days, I decided I needed to be accountable, and post my weight once a week (see debby’s weigh in on side bar).  I really didn’t want to, because I have been struggling so much, and my weight seemed to just continue to go in the wrong direction.  But I have been super vigilant about my eating the past 3 days, and I am really psyched about joining Curves.  I felt so virtuous about going there yesterday morning before I headed over to my Sewing Day with quilter friends.  So thank you all for your motivation and inspiration and encouragement.  Its like a great w.w. meeting in my pajamas in my living room!

Do any of you journal?  I mean, the old fashioned way?  I am a long-time journaler, specifically about my spiritual life.  I did not want my journal to just become a gripe and complain journal.  I have really enjoyed it, and think it has been a great benefit to my life in general.  But since the discovery of my bloggy world, my spiritual journal has gotten a bit dusty.  This morning I wanted to write about something specific that I didn’t particularly want to share with the world (Yah, the four people who read this, like Jill said.)  So, I got out my journal, and wrote, and then re-read quite a bit of it from the past few months.  It is good to review and see what was concerning you a bit ago, and then realize that prayer had been answered, or you had figured out something, or solved a problem in your life.  Then their are other things that seem to be recurring problems or thought processes and I think that these things will probably dog me my whole life, but at least by being aware of them, I can continue to work on them, or reject them (if they are wrong or harmful thought processes.)

So I thought since I didn’t have anything particularly inspirational to say myself, I would share a quote from my most favorite author, Dallas Willard, that I had copied into my journal.

“Faith is a vision that our destiny is to be absorbed in a tremendously creative team effort, under unimaginably splendid leadership, on an inconceivably vast plane of activity with ever more comprehensive cycles of productivity and enjoyment, and that is what eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, that lies before us in the prophetic vision.”


7 thoughts on “I Got Nuttin’, Honey

  1. I think journalling is a wonderful thing to do, and I’ve got a couple of close friends who (they live out of state now, but I’m guessing they still probably do this) use their journals as prayers to God.

    Have you considered starting a private blog and using that as your journal? If you are having trouble with the pen & ink thing (I can barely stand to write anything anymore. It just takes too long and I can’t read my own writing), then you could easily start another blog and make it completely private so no one but you has access to it.

    And posting your weight and being accountable here is a brilliant way to keep your weight in check. It’s totally what’s kept me going the past year and a half!

  2. Hey thanks, Laura. You are one of the main people I was referring to as having motivated me! I actually have a thing on my Mac computer called Entourage where I can journal, and actually I did do that. One of the good things about journaling on the computer is that if I write something brilliant (ha!) or meaningful that I want to share with someone else, I can just copy and paste and send it, or even print it out, to send to my dad. But I actually still like the process of writing, and I enjoy reading back what I have read, and I can take it with my when I travel (don’t have a lap-top yet.) If you can believe it, this is my first computer and I have only had it a year and a half. Of course, I had one at work, so it was not completely foreign to me.

  3. Hey Debby – I love the idea of a handwritten journal, but I’ve never been very successful at it. I had a journal in college, but my room mate found it one day and read it – the results were catastrophic!! I really like the idea of a spiritual journal though- I’ll have to implement that one into my day.

    And yes, now I am inspired!! Thank you!! 😉

  4. I am back/reading archives i(beginning) of a long time blogger’s first efforts. She also kept/keeps a hard copy/bound journal. She sometimes posted copies (photos) of certain pages from that bound journal. She is an artist – so many of the pages – the drawing “told” the story and very few words were needed.

  5. I used to journal a lot… I used to love the sound of my pen gliding along the paper. For some reason I have traded that in for the clanking of keys on the computer.

    Great quote by the way.

    OH!!! And I am also a quilter… how did you do those birds on the quilt??? I will show you a pic of my Noah’s Ark quilt that I made for my daughter when she was born!

  6. Wow, TL, a quilting ninja! Is there an action movie in your future? Seriously, I am in awe of you since you posted those photos of yourself on your blog.

    Yah, I still love the feel of my pen on my paper, plus I think it is cool that something so inexpensive can be used for so much good.

    I put the birds on the quilt using fusible web, called steam a seam 2. Very fun and easy to use. I will try to remember to post some close-ups of the birds on a future blog.

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