“Fixing the Full Button”

I am a fan of the book “Thin for Life” that Vickie mentioned in her blog a week or two ago.  I bought it several years ago, and would read it for encouragement.  Lots of times I used it for my ‘bedtime story.’  It really had a lot of helpful advice in regards to losing weight and keeping it off (maintenance) with lots of profiles of people who had been successful long-term.  One of the guys who was featured was Don Mauer, who I think was a well-known columnist.  He lost a tremendous amount of weight and kept it off.  He also wrote a cookbook called ‘Lean and Loving It’ which has some delicious recipes in it.  Both of these books are a little dated, because they concentrate on very low fat but ignore high fiber.  But I have been able to use many of the recipes very successfully, and adapt them to be high fiber.  Both of these books can be bought very reasonably on Half.com.  I

Anyways, one of the points in the book is to recognize when you are full, and stop eating.  Don Mauer said that his full button was broken, and that this was the problem with many overweight people.  That  REALLY rang a bell with me.  Even though I really don’t stuff myself anymore, it is very hard for me to stop eating if there is still food in front of me.  And I don’t like to be hungry.  That is why it has worked for me to count points, and to use weighing/measuring/portion control.  Because once its there, I’m gonna eat it.

So this is something I’ve thought about seriously ever since starting to be accountable to you guys.  I’ve tried to wait a little longer to eat a scheduled meal or snack.  I’ve tried to be a little hungry for a while before allowing myself to eat.  But just this past week I’ve noticed that I was able to NOT eat scheduled and counted food.  I actually didn’t finish my dinner last night.  And even though by my careful counting I still had 2 points left for the day, I didn’t eat them because I WAS FULL!  YAHOO!  Three and a half years later, and maybe the full button is starting to work.  YAHOO!  Can you guys tell what a big deal this is for me?

4 thoughts on ““Fixing the Full Button”

  1. a BIGBIG deal for you and IMO for everyone.
    I often gaze at my hubby who will yank out a pint of ice cream, eat 3 or 5 bites and put it back because he is DONE.

    SO FEW PEOPLE have that button huh? I think for so many of us, myself included, it’s learned.

    GO YOU!


  2. I loved this posting.

    And when I thought about this posting for myself – I honestly think that my full button is still NON-functioning. And I am on my 2nd year of maintenance.

    I also think that most of my other buttons are also non-functioning. I have to think a lot to know if I feel okay in general.

    Simple example – a bug bite – does it itch? how long has it been there?

    I can’t tell you how long it took I could answer ANY of my therapist’s questions. Anything she asked me – I said “I don’t know”. And I truly didn’t know.

    As this question relates to food – I eat only at meal time and I eat evenly from the food groups and I measure my food. I absolutely CANNOT go by intuition.

    I applaud those that CAN. And I recognize that I cannot.

  3. Great posting! My full button is not in order. That is a great way to think about getting it working again. Thank you for writing on my blog. I so appreciate your wise words!!

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