Just Stop and Think

Well, today’s post is not about weight loss.  It’s about that other topic up there on my header:  life.  I just watched an amazing video and thought, who can I share this with?  I thought of a couple people I could tell, but then I thought, Oh yeah, I’ll tell my bloggy friends.  I KNOW they love looking at things on the computer.  So this is a beautifully done video/movie (15 minutes) called “Just Stop and Think”.  I hope you guys will check it out.  This guy talks about what I believe, but he is so much more eloquent than I am.

Okay, just a little bit about weight/diet/maintenance/whatever.  I am off to the Bay Area to visit my Mom and Dad, which involves 2 dinners out.  I will bring my food for the other meals, so shouldn’t be too bad.  I am actually looking forward to eating out–Chinese tonight and Steak tomorrow–Yumm!

Hope you all have a good weekend and will report in on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Just Stop and Think

  1. Beautiful video – thanks for sharing that.

    Have a great weekend and eat some Chinese food for me! And some steak! And maybe a cookie if you can find one!! =)

  2. Great video. Thanks!

    In regards to your last post…. My ‘full’ button is broken too and I think the whole trick to losing weight is fixing it! I can eat and eat and eat until I am literaly sick… then eat some more an hour later. Not because I’m hungry by any means.

    I am working on eating slower so that I dont over eat. I also time myself between meals and snacks. ex: breakfast at 7 am, snack at 10 am, lunch at 1 pm….. and I am not allowed to eat anything at any other time.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

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