It’s 9:06 am

And I told myself that I had to stop reading blogs by 9:00!  But then I realized I needed to write something or other.  I got a little of a late start today, but it sure felt good to get 8 whole hours of sleep.  At this time of year I always stay up a little too late, and the chickens wake me up a little too early.

After my last post about ‘feeling good,’ I was tempted to write one the next day titled ‘I Feel Bad.’  I went to work and ate not one but 2 homemade blackberry muffins.  I hoped they were low fat, but I didn’t ask–on purpose.  Then went to an inservice, and the ‘reward’ for attending was (drum roll please) a chocolate chip cookie.  And I ate it.  And the thing is, when I eat this extra stuff at work, I still eat ALL of the planned food I have brought with me for the day.  Oh wait, I’m not done.  On the way home, I kept thinking about how my friend says that store bought cookies are NEVER as good as the ones you make yourself, and so when I got home, I dug out the last homemade chocolate chip cookie I had left in my freezer to make sure she was right (she was.)  Oh yah, all this thought (I have a LONG drive home) was intermingled with thoughts of going on a severely restrictive diet and exercise program the very next day…(aaaaaarrrrrgh.  that is the sound of a very weak cougar, Jill)

But since then, I have had two good days.  Saturday, planned out my food, and had to wait til I was hungry before I ate my next meal/snack.  Sometimes I make rules like this to practice what I am not so good at, and to show myself that I have some control over my food.  Sunday, the same thing.  And I went for good walks both days (gearing up for Tigerlily’s Challenge.)

Can anyone tell me why the link just continues on and on?  I wasn’t done with that paragraph, but it wouldn’t stop underlining every thing I wrote, so I just gave up.

Anyways, did the 100 push up challenge Saturday–total of 71 push ups.  Which reminds me, you should read Dietgirl’s entry on this–very funny.

That’s all for now.  It’s 9:31, and I have lots to do today.  BTW, I think I figured out the answer to my own question with that second link I did.  Now, if I can just remember the NEXT time I want to do a link.


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