Making a List

And checking it twice…oh, how corny!  But anyways, that is what I did yesterday to try to combat the Inertia that had set in last week.  Not that I think making a list is the simple solution to inertia.  My BFF, who is kind and honest with me, says I am too hard on myself, and I just need to give myself permission to have days where I accomplish nothing.  And I remember a few years ago when I was even busier, I would mark out days on my planner called ‘LUXURY DAYS’ where I could do whatever I wanted or nothing at all.  I think the problem is a little more complex than that.  There is an ebb and flow in life that seems natural to me.  Some people call it hormonal.  My brother swears by ‘biorhythms’ and says stuff like ‘I bet you were crossing that day.’

But whatever it is/was, seems to be gone now.  I like my list, I like looking at the possibilities of what you can do in 6 days, and realizing you maybe can’t do as many things as you had in your mind (Pastaqueen wrote a great post about this yesterday.)  So I had a great day yesterday, and I am really looking forward to today.  AND I am planning to go to Lake Tahoe for a little overnight retreat this weekend.

The one thing that inertia didn’t do to me was make me overeat, so I am happy about that.  Roni wrote a great post about this on her blog.

And that is the last time you will hear the word inertia on this blog!

Hey, just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to my bloggy friend Jill for the great weight loss success she is having (and she is the world’s funniest blogger, too.)  Check her out!

3 thoughts on “Making a List

  1. World’s funniest blogger – can I put that on a tshirt???? No one would believe it!!

    My neice is getting married at Lake Tahoe next weekend, but unfortunately I can’t go. =( so close…yet so far!!!!

    Glad your inertia is over – I am BIG on making lists when I can’t get moving. Like right now…at work…I just had to make a list to remind of everything I need to do before 3:30!! So I guess I should get busy!=)

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. I was just talking about “down time” with some friends yesterday. I work in an extraverted world, but I need to recharge laying low at home. If I am over scheduled, I don’t do my best work the rest of the time.

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