Quilting on Retreat

So this is what happened with my quilting.  I was really very thrilled with this part of the retreat.  I only brought one quilting book with me, just for inspiration–Masters Art Quilts.  It’s a beautiful book, and I spent just a little time looking through it for inspiration.  I decided Right away the direction I would go in for this quilt, and then just chose some fabrics from this big stack of fabrics and started cutting out strips.  No marking or accuracy involved.  And then started hand-sewing the pieces together.  Even though it seems a bit labor-intensive, it was very freeing to only work with the simplest of sewing tools–needle, thread, scissors, and thimble.  I was so happy with the results.  I only did the simple background piecing on retreat.  I added the flowers since coming home.  I’m still in the midst of working on this, and don’t know for sure how the final product will end up, but I wanted to share this much with you.  I don’t always have a deep meaning to every quilt I make, but as I went along, I decided that the brown piece on the side was representative of my Rock, God, in my life, the source of any creativity I might have.  The flowers seem to be my creativity, flowing from this source, the Rock.


4 thoughts on “Quilting on Retreat

  1. That’s beautiful. I love how the colors don’t got together, but they do go together…they way you arrange them. You chose great colors and the flowers are HUGE! Do you cut them out individually from the panel and hand sew them on?


  2. Thanks, Linda. I LOVE color! Yes, I cut the flowers out individually, but then I sew them on by machine, because I do ‘raw edge applique’ and you have to do tiny tiny stitches so they will stay on if it gets washed. So there is some fraying, but I like the way that looks. Some quilters would create their own flowers out of plain fabric, but I really like that there are so many beautiful fabrics out there with flowers already created on them, so I like to use commercial fabrics like that.

  3. Nice. Some day maybe I’ll reach a quilting phase in my life. The dear boy needs to get a little older, and I need to get more organized first. In the meantime, I can admire others’ work.

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