The Hike

So to end off my retreat, I headed up to Emerald Bay to try to take a hike.  I knew they had trailheads up there, but I had never gone on any of them.  In the past, when I was so heavy, I just stopped and looked at Emerald Bay and Eagle Falls.  I looked at the map at the beginning of the trail, and it said 1 mile to Eagle Lake, and I thought it said another .6 miles to the next lake.  

We took off (me and Oliver) and right away it was completely up hill.  At the beginning, they had steps cut into the granite.

But it quickly got very rocky.

 It was really rugged terrain.  Not being an experienced hiker, I don’t know if it was more or less rugged than other hikes.  But for me, it was a challenge.  Some of the steps up were almost two feet high.  And I was amazed and very grateful that my knees worked so well in taking these big steps.  I don’t think I’ve blogged about this before, but a couple of months before I started W.W., I hurt my knee so badly that it literally took me 30 minutes to put a shoe on and tie the lace.  I really thought I was going to have to have surgery.  And for someone who is paranoid about going to the doctor, that is not a good thing.  But to make a long story short, it resolved of its own accord (after spending several thousand dollars in doctor/diagnostic bills–and that was with ‘good’ insurance.)  And can you believe that such a traumatic event did not immediately precipitate weight loss?  It took a couple more months before I took the plunge.  But back to the main story…

So, after hiking almost completely uphill for 1.2 miles, we came to Eagle Lake.  It was really so beautiful, just a small clear mountain lake.  

The grandeur up there is hard to describe.  It is different than looking at it from a distance, or looking at pictures.  My main thought was that I couldn’t believe how BIG it was, but it was only a tiny bit of God’s whole creation, and how could Someone who created something so grand be interested in a relationship with me?

When we headed back, I decided that we could go farther, so we turned and headed up towards the next lake.  It got even rockier and more rugged.  I kept thinking, boy, I know why they call this the Desolation Wilderness.  The whole time we hiked in that direction, we only encountered one couple, who took this picture of me and Oliver.

Anyways, the farther we went, the more desolate it got, and the couple soon disappeared completely.  We did encounter one couple on their way down, who said it was still a long way to the next lake.  I finally decided to turn around.  If I had started earlier, with a better plan (more water, etc.) I know I could have done it.  That will be a challenge for the next hike.  I also could see the wisdom of hiking with a group, especially when I turned my ankle and fell shortly after starting back down…fortunately, it wasn’t that bad.  It really didn’t keep me from keeping up a brisk pace on the way down.   So, we ended up with a 5 mile hike that took us 3 hours.

  That’s the pedometer showing the 5 miles we hiked.  In case anyone wants to know, its an Omron and its amazingly accurate and easy to use.  You can keep it in your backpack, or purse, or pocket, and it is accurate.

So we (well, just me) celebrated with a soft serve cone, and headed home.  It was a wonderful retreat.   I highly recommend it to anyone.


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