Is Dog Grooming Aerobic Exercise?

Well, I give up!   Something is not working so I cannot put pictures in this post.  And it really doesn’t matter anyways.  I just thought the title was amusing, and wanted to include pictures of my clean doggies.  After yesterday’s proclamation that I was going to exercise, I decided I couldn’t stand the dust anymore, and decided to wash AND groom all four dogs.  That really takes all afternoon.  But they looked so pretty when I was done.  (I used to be a dog groomer.)  So…not much time left for exercise, but I did get in a short walk with Oliver.  The girls don’t get walked in the summertime because they are too close to the ground (dachshunds,) and it is TOO DUSTY.  Boy, am I ready for fall!  But after complaining about everyone’s cool weather, it did really cool down here yesterday afternoon.  Very enjoyable. 

So, fall…cool weather…soup, anyone?  Yesterday I made taco soup, and it was so delicious.  And I realized that I use basically the same process, and that it could be adapted to almost any kind of soup.  So here’s what I do.

Start with the veggies that are the ‘hardest’ i.e. take the longest to cook.  Spray the pan with Pam or whatever,  and add those veggies, on medium heat.  Wait a few minutes, then add the next hardest, and on down the line to the ones that need the least cooking. Add whatever spices you like.  Then add water or broth, making it as liquidy or as thick as you like.  I usually have pre-cooked (left-over) meat that I add at the end.  I think I’ll put this taco soup recipe on a separate page (over there in the side bar under recipes.)  It was really good and not too many points.

3 thoughts on “Is Dog Grooming Aerobic Exercise?

  1. I love soup!! During the fall/winter that’s about all I ever make!! And I love love love taco soup or tortilla soup or any kind of mexican-flavored soup.


  2. My vote is YES on dog grooming being aerobic exercise. I vividly remember washing my lhasa apso in the tub and then the “lovely” time drying/brushing out/trimming him and feeling the need for a shower for myself afterwards. I admire your ability to do FOUR of them!

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