For 9/11

Thought I would just share with you what I wrote in my journal this morning.

Today, 9/11…and as I write I hear a noisy plane overhead, and sirens in the background.  A VERY poignant reminder of what today represents–that life is a vapor–and can change or end in an instant–to live life with an attitude of thankfulness–to NOT drift mindlessly through a day–but most of all to think long and deep about what is importat and what is not.

Thought:  to be grateful and thankful for life would be to enjoy it–never thought before about JOY being the root word of enjoy…to enjoy = to enter in to the joy of …WHATEVER!!!

Thank you Lord, for my garden, my plants, the hummingbirds.  My dogs. My safe house.  The quiet and calm.  A cool morning.  COLORS.  Quilts.  Pretty thread.  Today I vow to ENJOY them  all!  Oh yeah, and GOOD FOOD!

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