Apple Peels Make Me Happy

One of my favorite ‘driving home from work’ snacks is a nice crisp apple and a low-fat string cheese.  I am not much of a cheese eater.  I like it melted on anything, but not so much by itself.  But in my continuing search for nutritious foods that are not messy and are easy to eat while driving, I decided to try string cheese.  And I really liked it.  Then I thought, oh, fruit and string cheese, that sounds so European and elegant, maybe there’s something to it.  And surprisingly, I loved it.  I finally got why people liked this combination… But always, my WHOLE life, I couldn’t stand apple peels.  Like fingernails on a blackboard.  No matter how many times people said, but that’s the best part for you.  I always peeled my apples.  If I had to eat them without peeling, I would take a bite, bite off the peel, and dispose of it.  So one day, I don’t know what happened, maybe I thought to myself, well, French people eat apple peels…(I don’t really have an affinity for French people, but I am a fan of the book French Women Don’t Get Fat,) but whatever.  I made myself eat an apple WITH the peels while eating my string cheese.  And I liked it.  No more fingernails on the blackboard.  

So now, when I have one of my favorite drive home snacks of a whole apple and string cheese, it makes me happy.  It is a symbol of how very differently I have learned to eat over the past 3 3/4 years in my ongoing effort to lose weight and to eat healthily.

Here is a picture of Lainie, my miniature wirehaired dachshund,  named after Elaine Bennis on Seinfeld.  She was little and feisty when I got her, just like Elaine.  I thought that name suited her better than the name she came with, ‘Princess Alexandria,’ which she didn’t know anyways because she was a backyard breeder dog that had been ignored for the first two years of her life.  Now she is almost 13 years old and is the reigning queen of this house.

8 thoughts on “Apple Peels Make Me Happy

  1. YAY for apples and cheese! I LOVE that combination. If you haven’t tried it already, try melting some (point worthy) brie cheese and dipping some apples slices in it. It is so super yummy! And cheers to you for learning to like new things.

    I am so glad that you rescued your little Lanie from a yucky life- darn those backyard breeders. She is a cutie!

  2. Lainie is named after Elaine Bennis??? I can’t believe I didn’t know this or figure it out myself?!?!!! Amazing. Related to you for 52 years and STILL finding out new things….and yes, Lainie would STILL like living with me more, I just know it!!!

  3. When I am out of string cheese, like now 😦 , I use peanut butter for apple dippin. Yu-um! You can’t use too much, but it just makes the apple taste that much better!! Not so good for eating while driving though.

    Lainie is so cute!! And are your eyes really that blue??? They look almost lavender in that picture – lovely!

  4. Great pic of the two of you!

    I love that apple/string cheese combo, too. Gala apples are my favorite right now. In the spring, when it’s Australia’s fall (or it may have been New Zealand), their Pacific Rose apples were the best.

    Have you had apples & peanut butter? That’s a tasty snack, too, but measuring the PB is a must for me, b/c I would eat a ton of it otherwise.

  5. I eat a small apple and a protein shake for one of my small snacks during the day. It really does hit the spot. I’ve also done apple with 1 T of peanut butter. That makes me thirsty but also adds some protein to the snack.

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