Perpetual Motion?

Hi guys, I just got back from a quick trip to Mendocino.  You guys must think I am a traveling fool, but really, this is unusual for me to be traveling this much.  Anyways, a couple of observations are stuck in my mind.  I went for part of a trip with my dad and his wife, and their two oldest friends.  It is always very sobering to spend time with my dad and his wife, because they are basically very disabled, mostly because of inactivity.  They do have a couple of other problems that factor in.  Their friends, who are even older, are actually still very active.  And then when I came home, I was watching all my recordings of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (my favorite time of year again!) and there was Cloris Leachman at 82 years old ballroom dancing!  Yah, that’s what I want to be doing when I am 82!  And still, it was hard for me to actually go out the door and take a good long walk.  But I did.  I also got in some great walks along the beach in Mendocino.  And I am keeping up with my 100 Push up Challenge.  I am done with week 5, but I bet I will have to repeat this week.  That’s okay though.  Its just a good challenge for me.

Mizfit has a lot of good information on her blog.  I don’t think I am telling anyone anything new, but just in case someone wanders by here who doesn’t know her…today she had a guest blogger who pointed out two known factors in successful weight loss–keeping a journal, and a strong social support system.  These aren’t just this gal’s opinion.  They are proven factors in several studies.  When I started W.W. I said, NO WAY am I writing down everything I eat, but now it is second nature to me.  I highly recommend it.  And accountability…I totally agree with that too.  I think I might write a bit more about that next time.

This is a study done by Stanford, and if you fill out their survey, they will give you a neat little print out showing you where you are doing good, and where you need to improve for optimal health.

4 thoughts on “Perpetual Motion?

  1. I totally agree about some system of food tracking. It is such an eye opener.

    Has blogging been most of your support system (it is for me) – or do you have other supports in real life? Every once in a while I wonder HOW one finds blogger like people in real life – ???

  2. It is so hard to see our parents age! A great reminder that we have to keep fit so that we can do what we want to do as we get older. Great post!

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