Old Habits

Wow, you guys!  Guess what I just did–stacked a whole cord of wood in about an hour!!!  I just can’t believe it.  Do you know how long it used to take me to stack a cord of wood?  DAYS. This is one of those ‘normal’ things I enjoy doing, now that I have lost so much weight.  I was commenting on this over on Pubsgal’s blog this morning (by the way, an excellent blog.)

So here’s the part about old habits.  I have a ton of stuff to do today.  Going to a quilt show for 3 days!  But this cord of wood got delivered.  So, I looked at it and thought, well, I at least have to start to stack it. So I start out, but if any of you have ever stacked wood, it just looks like a mountain of wood and you’ll never see the end of it.  And I’m thinking, how am I going to fit everything in?  Packing, etc.  And I really want to go to Curves and work out, plus I really want to get a good walk in.  And I’m stacking and thinking. Thinking about Jill’s post, and getting frustrated about why do we think work is not a work out.  And thinking, well, this is not really aerobic, and it is not really weight lifting.  And stacking and thinking. And all of a sudden I realize I am stacking wood exactly the same way I did when I was heavy.  Leisurely walking between the pile of wood and the stacks, picking up two pieces, leisurely walking back and forth and back and forth.  And I thought, well, why don’t you make this aerobic?  Why do you have to go to Curves and run around on machines to have an aerobic workout?  So, I picked up the pace so that I was almost running between the two, and the whole thing was stacked in no time! Its almost like it was an ingrained body habit that there was only one speed (very slow) at which to stack wood!  Well, I was pretty psyched about this so just had to share!

8 thoughts on “Old Habits

  1. Thanks for the comment.. being that I’m just starting out, seeing another comment on there really cheered me up! As for your question on walking in the evening, I could… and I have a couple times in the last few weeks, but nothing that really made a difference. I need to start getting out there every day. I think I will start!
    Also, as for China, I will be writing a post about it soon that explains more about it. In a nutshell, we are halfway through college and have decided to pack up and go to China to teach English for a year. We are very very excited, and really scared! After almost 4 years of marriage, we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff, and made a lot of plans. But we decided to take a leap on faith and trust that God will be with us as we take on one last big “adventure” before settling into kids and home ownership.
    Your posts are really interesting… and the pet shop thing is something I’ve thought about for years! I’m sorry it didn’t ever work out, but at least its a good story you’ll always have! 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your archives and watching for new stuff!

  2. my middle child was at youth group one night and they divided the kids into teams and said it was a race that was also an exercise in cooperation and planning how to most efficiently do a chore as a team.

    They were to move bricks – some did fireline – passing each brick down the line to the new pile. some did relay. some did each person carry several and do the whole trip themselves.

    In actuality – they were moving a brick pathway so that grading work could be done on that side of the rectory.

    but because it was billed as a race – and a puzzle – it didn’t feel like work.

    I loved your posting – the transition for me – to feel like I even COULD do work was a long one. And to step up the pace of the work so that it becomes productive, intensional exercise is just now happening for me.

  3. That’s awesome! A whole cord of wood is a lot of wood. I like your take on turning a chore into a workout…I’ll have to see how I can fit that into my own life.

    (Oh, and *blush*! Thanks for the plug! 😀 That made my day.)

  4. Wow! You’ve been busy while I’ve been away!! Stacking wood and making life altering decisions!! Good for you for turning that chore into a work out and how great did you feel when it was done (in an hour no less!)? That’s awesome girl!!

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