“I love you like a chubby girl loves cupcakes.”

Oh, man, I have just spent 3 hours reading and catching up with all my blogmies.  That is a word made up by the author of the title of this blog.  She is a great writer and so stinkin’ funny I can hardly stand it.  She wrote that line at the end of a birthday video she made for her sister. Jill, lets make it a goal to be video bloggers before we turn 80, heh heh!  I really only copied that line to a draft on my blog cause I didn’t want to forget it, but then it seemed like a good title to use, cause I guess I love you guys since I spent 3 hours reading and writing to you!

Plus, I decided to just write this short post because I am so tired from the last two days at work.  Good days, but stressful, and boy, did I get my walking in:  6 3/4 miles the first day, and 5 1/4 miles yesterday!  I keep  my pedometer in my pocket for the fun of it, and most days I actually try to walk more than necessary.  The first day I was working on 2 different floors, so I took the stairs each time I needed to go up or down. My legs were so tired as I left work, walking down the 5 flights of stairs and down the long hall to the front door (think BIG hospital,) that I thought, maybe I’ll just take the shuttle bus to the parking lot (1/2 mile away.) But then I was following one of my co-workers who struggles with her weight, and she was walking very slowly and painfully, and I remembered how grateful I am that I can walk fast, even if it does hurt.  I used to walk WAY slower than her.  I thought of some of the ladies that I had seen at the quilt show that were heavier than I had been (but that was exactly where I was heading) and it made me remember how my  back burned from just standing for a few minutes, and how my knees and ankles just ached, and how I resented the two steps I had to take to get into the shuttle bus.  And I put on the speed and walked that half mile as fast as I could to my car.

The thing is, I don’t go around staring at fat people.  But I think that part of being a human is that we forget pain.  I actually have a theory that that is why the human race is still in existence.  Why else would a woman ever have more than one baby, if she REALLY remembered the pain she went through giving birth to the first one?  (Can you tell I’ve watched more deliveries than any single human being should ever have to?)  

So, occasionally, I make myself look at ladies, and think, ‘yessir, that IS how big you were,’ or ‘No, Debby, you actually were bigger than that person.’  Because identifying that helps me to remember how it felt.  Otherwise, I might just believe that that cupcake tastes better than ‘chubby’ feels.  Cause, yes, people, I am still chubby.  But NOT Morbidly  Obese.


3 thoughts on ““I love you like a chubby girl loves cupcakes.”

  1. Great job on the walking!

    I totally understand what you say about comparing yourself to how you used to be when seeing other overweight people. I do that, and feel empathy – like I know exactly what they feel like inside (even though it could be totally different than I think LOL!).

    I sometimes take for granted how easily I move now and need to remember when going up a flight of stairs made me out of breath.

    You know – I don’t like that saying ‘nothing tastes as good as thin feels’, because there are some moments when food tastes so good that I just want to cry. LOL! Guess I still have some learning to do.

  2. TOTALLY agree, Lori! There are just some foods that are ‘worthy’ of however many calories or points or fat grams that they contain! I just started reading a new blog where the woman said that so well in her bio–I love food, I love cooking food, I love talking about food. Yep, that’s me! Thanks for commenting!

    Here’s that blog: http://www.takeawhisk.blogspot.com/

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