A Few Thoughts

Back from yet another 3 day trip out of town.  Did about the same eating-wise.  Way too much, not perfect choices for dinner and too much evening snackage, but bfast and lunch were okay–brought my own stuff.  So even though I enjoyed the food I ate, and I try not to regret my choices, I end up a little frustrated that I ‘am not in control.’  I look at a menu, and I just don’t want the salad…Anyways, on the way home I called my brother, the only ‘naturally thin’ person in my family, and asked him how he controlled this ‘out of town’ eating.  And he said he didn’t, you just have to make up for it when you go home.  Which is basically what I do, and that seems to work okay when you are trying to maintain, but if you all remember, I stated that I want to lose the last 30 pounds…Anyways, it was comforting to me that someone who doesn’t have much trouble with their weight said that they overate when they ate out.  

Here’s something I learned that made my overeating a little bit worthwhile…sorta.  First, I have to confess to you all that part of my overeating was a really really great brownie from a bakery.  I guess I should be proud I only got the brownie–I really wanted the brownie and 3 other cookies.  Anyways, I ate the brownie in the car on the way home.  I was going to save it for when I got home, but I find its better if I get right back to food as normal as soon as I hit the front door.  So, I ate this brownie, and as an expert at eating AND baking brownies, I can tell you that this brownie was made of the ‘best’ ingredients–lots of butter and dark chocolate, some eggs and a little flour to hold it all together.  Probably about 10-12 points, 450-500 calories.  It was really excellent, but by the time I got to the end of it I was really too full.  But of course, I couldn’t throw away the last few bites.  Okay, here’s the part where I learned something.  A while later (my drive home is 3 hours) I remembered I had a W.W. Chocolate Mint Crisp Bar (2 points) in my purse.  And I decided to eat it to see if it still tasted as good as they usually taste to me, or if it tasted like crap compared to the ‘good’ brownie.  And it really did taste delicious, and I really did like it better than the brownie, especially that I didn’t get that sick overstuffed feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I also think that part of my enjoyment or non-enjoyment of food is related to knowing how many calories/points they have or don’t have.  I don’t completely understand that, and haven’t seen much written about it.  But for me this was a worthy experiment.  I hope the lesson I learned from it will stay with me for a while.

One other thing that was good on this trip was the new ‘habit’ I have of waking up in the hotel, and immediately getting dressed and going to the fitness room to work out BEFORE I get my coffee and have my quiet time and breakfast.  I really like this habit, and would like to incorporate it into my home life.  Unfortunately, part of the motivating factor in getting me out of the room is my search for coffee, which of course is unnecessary when I am at home….

Addendum…good grief, people.  I feel gipped.  For the first time in my entire adult life, I forgot it was daylight savings time turn back the clock night.  So got up at my regular time, and after I had been reading blogs for quite a while looked at the computer time and thought…whaaaat???  and that’s when I realized how tired I was and that I could have slept for another hour.  And now nothing can be done about it.  I will just be gipped until next year.


8 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts

  1. Well, if it’s any consolation, I did the same thing. FOR PETE’S SAKE!!! WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH US??? I really didn’t want to get up this morning, either. Dang. I almost feel hung over, that’s how tired I feel. Still will have a full afternoon/evening of homework to finish, too, so no Sunday afternoon nap for me. Boo! Hoo!

  2. I didn’t remember the time thing AT ALL until my mom mentioned it to me. Had she not – we would have figured it out when we were the only ones at 5pm mass (we would have been there at 4pm by ourselves).

    So are you saying that the higher point food is not worth the taste and that you prefer the lower point food – because you can ‘affort it’? Or do I have that backwards?

    I very much have a ‘it tastes too good thing’ –
    which for me translates into
    it isn’t REAL food if it tastes THAT good.

    It is not that anything tastes bad to me
    (the only things I have ever had in my life
    that I didn’t like are lima beans and rhubarb)
    It is that I DO expect real food to be good
    but not drop dead to die for Good.

    I realize that last sentence is probably Food Freudian on many level.

  3. Sounds like this trip was a good learning experience for you (do ya like my WW reframing-speak? ha ha). Great job on the exercise!!!

    I’m glad to hear you like the mint crisps. I just bought those and will be snacking on them this week at work! Here’s to getting back on track and having a great week.

  4. Juice, yah, good w.w.speak!

    Vickie–loved this comment! So what I think I was trying to say was in regards to what people sometimes ask me “have your taste buds changed completely?” So I wonder sometimes if I am just fooling myself when I say something tastes delicious, like the w.w. snacks. And I thought if I compared it directly with ‘the real thing’ it wouldn’t be so good after all. So at this point in my life, all points/calories aside, I think I actually prefer the lower calorie food, for the taste, AND for the good feeling that I am not going to gain weight or do my body harm by ingesting it. Not sure I made this any clearer…

    AND I love it that you don’t like lima beans and rhubarb. If someone asked me for a list of foods I don’t like, I really think those would be two of the top ones, for sure lima beans.

    And I love your last statement “but not drop dead to die for Good.

    I realize that last sentence is probably Food Freudian on many levels.”

  5. Thanks for the words of encouragement!!

    I almost always forget daylight savings; I remember showing up early for church 2 years in a row on sunday, and just sitting around 🙂

    I admire your ability to actually get up and exercise before anything else; especially at a hotel! I bet it does make your day go better though, when you get energized and get your workout in, and you still have the rest of the day!

  6. Hey Debs – I’m so glad your brother said that about “making up for it”! I am definitely making up for the weekend all week long!!

    I have realized lately that the foods I used to die for, are really not as good as I once thought they were. For example, the hubs made a cake last night and after I wiped the drool away, I had a piece, only it didn’t taste as good as I had hoped. My veggie blend yesterday at lunch however, was much tastier than I had anticipated. Now if I could just remember that BEFORE I start eating junk, these last few pounds would melt off!!

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