A Few Good Quotes

‘I’m like a fugitive from obesity!’ valerie said this at the end of a post on her blog explaining about the never ending vigilance required for successful maintenance.  Valerie is one of those bloggers who has a ‘diet history’ similar to many of us–trying and failing several times before succeeding for good.  In fact she has a great Japanese quote at the top of her blog referring to this (I’ll let you go to her blog to read this quote!)  She also has some good videos on her blog, and you all know how I like the videos.

“but not drop dead to die for Good. I realize that last sentence is probably Food Freudian on many levels.” vickie said this in a comment on my last post referring to food tasting good vs. food that tastes ‘too good’–that is it tastes so good you know it is not good for you.  Vickie also is a blogger who seems to have nailed maintenance–she is very clear on what she will and won’t eat, and has some excellent insights into the ‘mind work’ that goes along with changing your eating habits permanently.

Suzie is a blogger I just discovered this morning (thanks, Miz!)  She is hilarious.  Really, really funny.  She blogs about being overwhelmed with life (has 2 little kids, and works full time, which sometimes interferes with her more important ‘work’–her blog).  

Women being overwhelmed with life is something I have been thinking about a lot lately.  I am going to speak to our ladies at our annual women’s Christmas event at church, and this is what I want to talk to them about.  One of the things I want to suggest is to simplify your life.  And that sometimes simplifying your life involves giving up, or saying no to really good, worthwhile things.  And for me, right now, I am wondering where blogging fits into this in my own life.  I just love it, reading and writing comments, and coming up with a few good posts myself, but MY GOSH, I am spending a tremendous amount of time on it.  I have to balance it somehow.  Any ideas, anyone?

Addendum:  Just added a new thing on my blog:  Verse of the Week (see sidebar.)  Since this is a blog about quotes, you might want to check out this quote by a very famous person…


7 thoughts on “A Few Good Quotes

  1. I think of my writing as homework for my weekly therapy sessions. And I write like the wind – so doesn’t take as much time now as it used to.

    I have ‘edited’ the blogs that I read. So, my list isn’t that long – I check in once or twice a day. I guess I also read quickly – so it isn’t a big time crunch.

    And I do NOT talk on the phone (except to my oldest for a quick chat about once a day) so I don’t have any other time black holes.

  2. Good thought, Vickie. You reminded me that I have eliminated talking on the phone for the most part. And that used to take up a lot of my time.

  3. Good thought, Vickie. You reminded me that I have eliminated talking on the phone for the most part. And that used to take up a lot of my time.

    And THANK YOU, Miz!

  4. Thanks for the mention, very nice of you. If you figure out the whole life balance thing, blog a little about it, okay? 😉 I think we all have the same issues. I can’t ever seem to find the time to do all the writing I’d like to either, and reading the blogs on my RSS list takes a while each day, too. But there is just so much great information and experience that everyone is sharing that it’s hard to turn away.

  5. That’s a good question about time. I’m finding myself blogging way too much.
    On the postive side – I have this wonderful camradeire with so many new people. I get lifted daily by many of my blogging buddies and I think that is good. Overindulgence in anything is not good. Gotta love the blogging!

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