Food memories, to be specific.  Jill wrote a comment to me this morning talking about our memories of food being better than the actual food.  This is really true so much of the time.

But yesterday I had some food that was every bit as good as the memory of it was.  And I hadn’t had that food for at least 4 years, on purpose, because I have been working hard at losing weight and maintaining, and for me that means ‘stimulus narrowing’–controlling my environment by just not going someplace where I can’t control my eating.  Dr. Berkeley wrote a great article about stimulus narrowing on the Refuse to Regain website.

Yesterday, I went to Apple Hill.  Just the name probably explains it to you.  It is a whole area of apple farms that has been built into quite a business.  You could spend all day up there, going from farm to farm, and trying out their various baked apple goods.  At this time of year it is just beautiful, with orchards and vineyards, and trees changing colors amidst the green pines, all along the little country roads through the gently rolling hills.  I went with two old friends and we had such a good time.  I called them both and explained that the day would no doubt involve eating a piece of apple pie, and so I didn’t want to eat lunch out in addition to that, but we could go someplace where they could eat, and I would just bring my own lunch.  But they are both watching their weight, so we all just packed snack lunches, and had such fun eating in the car and talking.  And then we got an apple dumpling with cinnamon cider sauce and vanilla ice cream.  OH. MY. GOSH.  It was as good as the memory, and it was definitely WORTHY.  But I always have to remind myself of how different it is now.  Besides packing our own very light lunch, I had eaten one of my lower points breakfasts, taken a one-point pumpkin spice muffin for a mid-morning snack, and already prepared my 2 point dinner for when I got home.

And this morning I am left with a memory of a great day with two good friends, and only part of that memory involves food.  And, I DIDN’T GAIN ONE OUNCE!!!  YAY!


7 thoughts on “Memories

  1. good for you! and I am glad it was worth it.

    I was thinking that same thing when everyone was talking about the Halloween candy – like forget the Halloween candy – get something really good – and make it a once a year event to eat that one thing each year as a Halloween treat. Plan the rest of the day/week’s food around it – and then really enjoy.

  2. What awesome self control 🙂 And it sounds like you didn’t feel one bit cheated!!
    Consider yourself lucky to have supportive friends around during the dieting process, or during your maintenence phase! It definitely makes things easier.

    By the way, now you have me craving apple pie like CRAZY!

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