The Time Consuming Hobby of Blogging

Don’t have any earthshaking blog topic in mind, just thought I should check in before 2 more days of work…

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I spend too much time reading and commenting on blogs.  But then also I have realized how much I have learned and benefited from bloggers.  One of the side effects is how some of the blogs are really thought provoking, and they challenge me to think a little differently than I would have, and also make me work on putting my thoughts into a concrete, understandable post or comment.  Its always good to make the brain work.

Another thing I realized is how influenced I am by the food mentioned on blogs.  Sometimes I am frustrated, because when someone mentions something really good they ate (like cake) I kind of obsess about that for a while.  Fortunately, I usually don’t get the chance to act on it.  So, in that vein, sorry ’bout the description of the apple dumpling the other day.  But, also, I have been extraordinarily influenced by all the descriptions of good food, new combos, new recipes, etc.  I am thinking often about Vickie’s comment on another blog about ‘eating clean’ and its importance in maintenance.  I think frequently about Lynn’s descriptions of, and her love for, her big salads.  Lyn got me on this jag of baking and eating pumpkin custard practically every week.  I also LOVE her combo of mac and cheese with the butternut squash mixed in.  Amy Jo introduced me to the joys of applesauce and cottage cheese.  Lori has intrigued me with South Beach type baked goods.  And of course, there is the never ending supply of good recipes from Roni–of late, I have been enjoying her berry oatmeal cups and the flatbread pizzas and, O.M.G. the butternut squash fries are absolutely fantastic.  She even did a great video about how to cut and peel the butternut squash which makes it a lot easier.

This morning Lynn asked about how you try to incorporate healthy food choices into your diet, especially omega 3’s.  This was part of my answer to her.  

Wow, all the commenters seem a lot more ‘techno-savvy’ about food than me. I was just going to say that I try to eat salmon more often, (and I really do eat it way more often than I used to) but sometimes I find it frustrating to fit in ALL the ‘important’ nutritious foods that are recommended for a healthy life into every single week. So I don’t really keep track, but I do have all that advice in mind, and I try to make most of my food choices with my health in mind. And even tho I take a ridiculous amount of supplements, I am of the opinion that it is WAY better to get any nutrition from food than from a pill.

I guess that is all for now.  I really do appreciate my bloggy community.  You make me laugh, which is an excellent thing.  And you make me think, which I guess is a good thing-hehe.  Have a good rest of the week.  Have some pumpkin custard, and the world will look rosier  more pumpkin colored(?) to you.  What I mean to say is, THAT STUFF IS GOOD.  You won’t miss cake so much!




9 thoughts on “The Time Consuming Hobby of Blogging

  1. I know what you mean. For me, sometimes it’s more fun to comment than to write stuff up in my own blog…and lately, it’s showing in my blog’s lack of content. Oh well….I bought the pumpkin, but have not yet made the pumpkin custard. I’ll give it a go this weekend. I love pumpkin pie, but not enough to make me go too crazy eating it.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement – what you commented to me makes sense, it’s just hard to shake off the guilt sometimes! Middle schoolers can be pretty evil to each other; you were absolutely correct in every statement you made.. at least from my perspective 🙂

    As for this post, I completely agree; there are days when I will spend a LOT of time surfing, reading blogs, commenting, writing, and it seems to just be too time consuming. But the therapy of writing it down, gaining new insight, and encouragement (you are my biggest cheerleader!) outweighs it sometimes. It’s hard to “go it alone!” And you’ve got a great little community here of people who care about you, and who you can learn and grow from.

    P.S. I have pumpkin in my fridge… I’m checking out that recipe NOW!

  3. Oh man, I know I spend way too much time on blogs. BUT. I don’t have a women’s group I meet with anymore. I don’t go to Bible study anymore. I don’t really do ANYTHING for me other than run, so blogging is my social network. For better or worse, it is what it is, and I love it.

    Sorry about all the birthday cake around my blog lately! 🙂

    I’ll have to check out some of those recipes. I made Roni’is butternut squash carrot soup and it’s lovely. I’ve never cut a butternut squash before. She made it very easy. I’ve not made the fries, and I have a whole squash plus some leftover in the fridge from the soup. I’ll make some this week.

  4. I too spend way to much time bloggin/reading blogs, but like Laura said, THIS is my social network for now. It’s also opened my eyes to the fact that I am not alone in my struggles – any of them. Someone always has been there/done that whenever I come up with some question or gripe or whatever. Blogging has made me realize that I can be very good friends with people I’ve never met and that I genuinely care about the lives of the bloggers I read. Blogging has saved my sanity too!!

    I loves me some bloggin!! =)

  5. The blogs that I personally read have evolved over time.

    The majority of blogs that I now read are maintenance blogs.

    There are just a sprinkling of ‘just starting out’ bloggers that I read. I think those are to sort of remind me where I have been. And to be very honest – if manipulation and enabling and self sabotage appear again and again in their lives – I tend to just move on. There is a difference between the blogger that WORKS through WHY they are buying the stuff for xyz and then making xyz and then eating xyz. If they LEARN and SEE, I grow from that. If they are stuck and sinking – and just in a never ending cycle – I tend to let it go. It will color my world.

    I think we all have topics that bother us. If there is a blog that has more cons than pros for me personally – I think it just naturally sort of falls off my read list.

  6. I spend way to much time on blogs too – don’t tell my boss! But I love the encouragement and getting new ideas – exercise, recipes, tips, etc.

    One of these days I’m going to try that pumpkin custard! But first, tell me what is vanilla almond dream??? Some kind of soy milk??

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