My Favorite Food Finds

I’ve been thinking about adding this as a page to my blog for a while, but a question on the last post made me decide to at least start with writing a post about a few things.  Juice asked about Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze.  Almond Breeze is, I guess, the almond people’s answer to soy milk–the Blue Diamond people make it.  It is found next to the soy milk in those square boxes that last forever and don’t need to be refrigerated until they are opened.  Then you have to refrigerate them and  use them up within 2 or 3 weeks.  Anyways, just like soy milk, it comes in a variety of flavors and calorie counts.

Here is what the box says about it:  “The luscious taste of Almond Breeze Unsweetened is smooth and creamy with a mild hint of real almonds.  It is a delightful and delicious unsweetened beverage without any sugar or added sweetener.”  To which I can only say ‘amen.’  I really do love the taste of this stuff.  I use it on cereal, and it tastes like something really luxurious compared to my non-fat milk.  I have used it in recipes instead of non-fat evaporated milk, and I think it works very well.  It does work very well in smoothies.  I could drink it just straight, but I don’t.  And here is the reason:  I actually don’t think it has much nutritional value.  It is only 40 calories PER CUP (fantastic value!), 3 grams fat, 2 carbs, 1 fiber, 1 protein, 20% daily calcium.  The ingredients list:  purified water, almonds, tapioca starch.  These are the first 3 and main ingredients!  (BTW, “not for use as an infant formula” haha)

For a comparison:  nonfat milk:  90 calories per cup, 0 grams fat, 13 carbs, 9 protein, and 30% daily calcium. I don’t use soy milk, so don’t have that info for you.

Anyways, there you go.  I can find it at Trader Joe’s regularly, although once in a while they are out of it.  Have also found it at all the regular grocery stores, but only sporadically.  They always have Almond Breeze, but sometimes only have the higher calorie sweetened stuff (not worthy…)


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Food Finds

  1. I LOVE Almond Breeze, both the unsweetened and sweetened, vanilla, whatever…so so good. I wish I could take it with me to Starbucks and ask them to make my latte with it. But that would make me a crazy coffee lady, now, wouldn’t it? hehe

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