A Delightful Day

Today turned out to be ‘a delightful day.’  It didn’t start out that way, but partway through the day, I decided that was what it was going to be.  Work has been especially hard and very stressful lately.  So last night on the way home, I knew I was out of half and half for my coffee this morning (which is a VERY BIG DEAL,) but I decided I was too tired to stop at the store.  I knew I absolutely had to go to town for a big box for shipping some stuff, so I made a plan.  My plans are always subject to change unless they involve a commitment to another person.  But this one stuck.  Because of the half and half.

So I started my morning having a great Zen Bakery mango-blueberry bran muffin from Trader Joe’s.  These things are really terrific.  I did have coffee and used Almond Breeze in it (tolerable.) AND I had some greek yogurt with walnuts and dried pears.  A pretty hefty breakfast, but I really wanted to eat that stuff.  And I had my traditional Saturday morning talk with my brother.  Since we live in two different time zones, it works out good for us to talk (me at 6am and him at 8am.)

So my plan was to leave the house to work out at Curves, and then go to Raley’s, which had sent me a notice that they now served Peet’s Coffee in their store, and they gave me a coupon for a free pumpkin spice latte!  (This would make up for not having half and half for my coffee this morning.)  I decided to take a Clif bar with me to enjoy with the latte.  Can you believe it was 78 degrees here???  So I sat outside at a little cafe table and enjoyed my (nonfat) latte and bar and a magazine I had bought at the grocery store.  That is actually when I decided that this would be ‘a delightful day.’

On to the next grocery store because they really have great produce, and a lot of the time they are actually one-third the price of the other grocery stores.  I got a whole bunch of my favorite red grapes, some oranges (first of the year,) a butternut squash, pineapple, and some brussel sprouts– I know, its weird, but I love the little vitamin balls (that’s what my brother calls ’em.)

On to Wal Mart, which I have studiously avoided, because I tend to spend too much money there.  But I took my shopping list with me, found everything on my list, and even allowed myself a few ‘splurge’ purchases–like a ‘Dancing With The Stars’ workout video!!!  You all know that is my favorite tv show, right?  I also was looked at whey protein powder to experiment baking with, but decided to wait on that. I did buy one of those very high protein bars (also very high calorie) to try.  So by the time I got done, I was beginning to lose a little of my zest.  It was WAY past lunch time, and I wanted to eat that protein bar, but really, I wasn’t hungry, (those Clif bars hold me way better than any of my other ‘energy’ bars…) so I tried to get home without eating the bar. (Because of course, there was more food that I wanted to eat at home.)

Part of my original plan was to make some of Roni’s Big Simple Chocolate Cupcakes.  I REALLY WANTED one of these.  And since they had a can of pumpkin in them, I decided to make a w.w. vanilla chai smoothie with one spoonful of pumpkin out of the can, and some unsweetened vanilla almond breeze–mmmm mmmm!  I put the cupcakes in the oven, and drank the smoothie while I waited for the brussel sprouts to cook.  So this was my dinner:  cottage cheese and grapes, brussel sprouts, and 9 all bran crackers (these are great crackers.)  At about 8 o’clock, I enjoyed the cupcake (BTW, thank you Roni–of all the configurations of cake mix, pumpkin, water, and other various ‘healthy options, these are absolutely the best–they maintained their chocolate-ness better than the rest.)  I used–what else–lite cool whip for frosting, and I had some Jolly Time Healthy Pop Kettle Corn–this is the best, and the lowest calorie kettle corn around.

So, as you all can see, food is still a very big part of ‘a delightful day’ for me.  But the difference in choices that I make now, and my willingness to have a non-traditional dinner, and my ability to say no to the big chocolate energy bar (it was right there in my purse) are all a part of what made the day delightful for me.  Don’t get me wrong.  The day was delightful for a lot of other reasons…the beautiful weather, the trees turning colors, a good workout, fun shopping, and just time to relax and read and knit.

I hope each of you thinks that you are worthy of having ‘a delightful day,’ and will plan one for yourself soon.

5 thoughts on “A Delightful Day

  1. since you came out of the closet about brussel sprouts–I will too. When I want to eat something – mindlessly one right after the other – I cook a whole package of brussel sprouts and chow. I think it is the repetitive motion of having my hand go from bowl to mouth, bowl to mouth, that ‘deost it for me’ it doesn’t matter that there is no salt, no crunch – it is the repetitive motion.

  2. I don’t even know if I could function properly if something messed with my morning coffee!

    Sounds like a lovely day. I know what you mean about food still be a big part of an enjoyable day. I don’t think that ever will change, but it doesn’t have to.

  3. It must be an amazing feeling to be able to have a day where you are able to enjoy so many foods, still knowing that you’re making choices that are good for your body; and obviously for the soul too! I hope your hard days at work were balanced out by such a wonderful day 🙂

  4. Sigh – that day sounds lovely! I’m a fan of the sprouts too (just recently). I steam them and toss with some mustard and thyme. Zero points works for me!

    Along with your Almond Breeze, you need to add your fave Clif bar to your Food Hall of Fame. 🙂

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