Some Weekend Recipes

Breakfast has become my favorite meal of the day.  If I am not careful, I could eat breakfast 3 times a day!  And the weekend seems like a good time to indulge in some guilt-free but delicious breakfast recipes.

As promised, here is the recipe for the ‘cottage cheese muffins.’  I have renamed them Cherry Popovers because that is what they are like. Mmmmm Mmmm Good!  I think it’s so much fun to see how we can take an original recipe and adjust it to our own ‘food intake’ needs.  This was a recipe I found on Lori’s website, which she had adjusted from another website to fit into her low-carb life.  I adjusted Lori’s recipe just a little to fit into my low-fat, high-fiber life.  So there you have it- the same recipe three ways.  Take your choice.  I also looked up this link on how to make the perfect popover.  If you want to work at it, you could probably use a few of her hints to make these even better.  But I decided they were just fine with my simple recipe. BTW, originally I was attracted to these because I love cottage cheese.  But when baked there is no trace of cottage cheese texture or taste left.  So those of you who don’t like cottage cheese should still try these!


1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese

3/8 cup whole wheat pastry flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

4 egg whites, or 2/3 cup egg beaters

pinch salt 

Tbsp splenda

3/4 cup cherries (fresh in season, frozen ‘sweet cherries’-no sugar added type)  If using frozen, partially thaw.

Pre-heat oven to 400.  Spray muffin pan with Pam or spray oil.  Mix egg whites and cottage cheese with a whisk.  Add dry ingredients and whisk in.  Divide evenly into 6 muffin cups.  Divide cherries evenly into cups.  Bake 30 minutes.  Should puff up quite a bit, will be golden brown and crispy outside, very moist inside.  I think they might puff up more if you use real egg whites, but they worked fine with the egg beaters.  Delicious.  And only 1 point each!

This recipe could be varied a million ways.  Lori’s recipe was for savory muffins, with dried tomatoes, cheese and herbs added.  I might try the batter plain, and then make a fruit ‘syrup’ to pour over the top with some lite cool whip, for a great dessert. 

I was reminded this morning of one of my all time favorite recipes, from Hungry Girl. This is one recipe I used as is, no adjustments of my own.  It makes 3 blueberry pancakes for 3 points, and honestly, they always hold me until lunchtime, which is very unusual for me.  Probably just the right combination of protein and fruit.  I will just put that recipe in my sidebar.

My new subscription to Nutrition Action Healthletter came the other day, and they have some very interesting, very scientific information, that I think might be very motivational to most of us in regards to keeping up the exercise.  I will try to give an easy to understand synopsis of the article tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Some Weekend Recipes

  1. I love the Nutrition Action Newsletter. They are solid in their research and don’t mince words, do they?

    I’m with you on the whole breakfast thing. LOVE breakfast. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Go for it Miz. I actually like that idea myself. Let me know how they turn out. In fact, if you will look at the recipe for ham and cheese muffins (sidebar), the recipe is strangely similar, except they have oatmeal in them, which gives them a great texture.

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