I have been busy working on something else this week, but wanted to share this thought with you.  Lately I have noticed that I am not that hungry when dinner time rolls around.   I have a feeling that if I would pay more attention and not eat when I am not hungry, that the weight might start coming off again.  But I feel this pressure to eat because I am afraid I will get hungry when I go to bed.  I was sharing this thought with my BF and she said, “but you will be asleep when you go to bed, won’t you?”  She cracks me up.  She always hits me over the head with the most obvious of solutions to problems that I can’t seem to solve myself.  I originally was asking her about what she eats when this happens.  But she also told me that the core problem/solution was that I needed to work on my fear of being hungry.  And I totally agree with her on that.  I have been working on it a bit here and there, but not really seriously.  My ‘fear’ comes from two places.  One, in the past I would have episodes of ‘low blood sugar’–you know, where you get shaky and cranky and have a terrible headache.  But really, that has not happened to me for several years now, which I know is related to eating so much healthier.  The second ‘fear’ is what can (and has) happened when you go on a very restrictive diet, and you (or your body) finally rebells and you gain all the weight back.  But I am really feeling much more confident in the way I eat now.  I don’t really want to give up my cottage cheese and grapes in order to have a piece of chocolate silk pie.

So I guess by writing about this that I am committing to being hungry sometimes.  I think it will be a fun new experiment.  I will give you an update next week.  I’m afraid I won’t be too hungry tomorrow–its my birthday, and my friend is taking me to the big city–we are going to hit a really nice thrift store, and Home Goods, and eat at BJ’s–I love their food.  But guess what–I am going to skip the pizookie there and go to the very low calorie frozen yogurt place for dessert–BECAUSE I WANT TO!!  Big victory for me!

Just want to say I am so impressed by my friends who have lost weight this Thanksgiving week!  Lori,  Juice, and Linda, that is just fantastic!  CONGRATULATIONS!

So the thing I am working on is a talk for our church’s women’s Christmas program this Sunday.  I am singing two songs AND talking for about 15 minutes!  YIKES, its making me nervous just writing about it.  If I get organized, I might post my talk somewhere here on my blog.

Have a good week–I’ll catch you all on Sunday night!

Addendum:  the ‘great hunger experiment’ started tonight.  I hadn’t eaten dinner by 7pm, so I took my shower and washed my hair, and then had a small bowl of greek yogurt, walnuts, and dried pear (3 points) and for my snack, 1 points worth of kettle corn, and a tiny 1 point ice cream thingy from Trader Joe’s.  BTW, I can spot ‘fat’ from 50 yards.  I popped my kettle corn and thought to myself when I poured it into my bowl, ‘what’s that shiny stuff on it?  I looked at the box again, and discovered I had gotten the regular instead of the ‘healthy pop.’  After checking the difference in calories, I actually threw the full fat stuff out and popped some of my healthy pop. There’s something very satisfying about the taste of a lower fat food.  [Where did this person come from?]


9 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. that addendum? BIGBIG NSV huh.

    and that is precisely what I mean when I say I eat ‘food as fuel’ —I dont feel at all deprived as Im getting the power 🙂 from it.
    it is satisfying.

    when it doesnt seem as though it would be (hello thanksgiving dinner! I intuitively eat more rich treats—and then my body usually gets right back to the food as fuel the next day.

  2. I have days where I don’t eat after about 3pm for various reasons – and this is what I tell myself every time – If I get hungry – I will eat my breakfast food and not anything else. So, if at 11pm I realize that I should have eaten dinner – I eat my breakfast food at 11pm. Sometimes this means that my first meal of the next day is at 11am – and sometime this means my first meal of the next day is at 6am – but either way – I have not eaten anything that I will regret later.

  3. Wow! You really have been doing some soul searching. I’m especially impressed with the whole throwing away of the regular kettle corn. So many people feel that because they made it or because it’s there, they have to eat it. ugh. I’m glad you tossed it and went with the smart stuff 🙂

    Happy birthday!! Enjoy the city and your friend and your day and that low-fat dessert!

  4. Oh, I can completely relate to the fear of hunger! Partly because I get bitchy and mean and end up crying, but mostly just plain old fear. I’m so curious to see how this goes for you – perhaps I’ll get inspired to imitate you (again!).

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I used to have that fear of hunger, but now I’ve gotten to the point of “yay! I’m hungry! I can enjoy my snack/meal/treat/whatever!!”

    And I’ll always choose sleep over eating!!

    You are doing so great and I am so proud of you!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    It’s a great feeling to conquer some of those demons, isn’t it?

    Hunger is the best appetizer.

    Looking forward to hearing the results of your experiment.

  7. In one of my babbles I wrote about woman I heard on NPR who helps people lose weight. One of things she teaches them is to eat breakfast ond day and not to eat again until dinner. She says feel the hunger and realize it won’t kill you. It’s ok to be hungry she told them. It’s not an emotional state, it’s a physical state. Sometimes we forget the simplest things….

  8. Happy birthday! I think it was Jillian Michaels (or Oprah, I can’t remember) who said if you are hungry before bed, you know you are going to burn calories while you sleep. That the hunger before you go to sleep is OK for weight loss. And you know, the nights I don’t eat, I enjoy my breakfast so much more. It tastes better, I’m not feeling guilty about the night before, and usu. the scale is lower too. But I think it’s really very normal to be “afraid” of being hungry. Good for you for working through all this and sharing it with us.

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