Since my last post about hunger, a LOT has happened.  I had a terrific birthday, kept to the plan of eating the frozen yogurt instead of the pizookie.  I even told my friend she couldn’t take my birthday present into BJ’s, because then they would bring me a free pizookie.  Talk about controlling your environment.We went to the thrift store that I like so much, and I got a brand new pair of beautiful red leather strappy sandal high heels by Amalfi, with the Nordstrom’s price tag still on.  What a great birthday present to myself. 

On to two very difficult days of work, but I made it through.

Then the big day was here (remember, I told you I was speaking to the ladies at my church for their Christmas event.)  My friend Sandi had dreamed up this beautiful Christmas program centered on the Advent wreath, with 4 beautiful scenarios about the birth of Christ (the prophecy, the birth, the angels, the shepherds, and Christ.)  She had 4 different women speak about these 4 events, and read some scripture while each scene was lit up separately.  It was just beautiful.  She had asked me to speak at the end, to give the ladies some practical advice on how to get this life into their everyday lives, and she asked me to sing too.  Yikes!  Well, in looking around for a song, I found one I really liked that would go along with the topic I wanted to address, but it wasn’t a Christmas song.  So I asked Sandi if she would want me to sing 2 songs.  Double yikes!  What was I thinking??  My voice isn’t that strong, and I was so worried I wouldn’t have enough voice left to sing ‘O Holy Night’ after speaking for 15 minutes.  But my friends were all praying for me, and I swear, it was truly a miracle.  I even hit the high note which I had missed in rehearsal, which made me completely obsessed with it–(where is the high note, will it come out, oh my gosh, what is the alternate low note, where am I, what song am I singing)–you get the picture.

Anyways, it was a magical night, and I thought  I would share my talk with you here in my blog.  I’ll enter it tomorrow, because it is pretty long.  

On a completely different note, I have been doing pretty well in regards to hunger.  I have made myself think about whether or not I was hungry before I ate for a good portion of the time.  And I have made some really good food choices this week.  At the Sunday night thing, I asked what kind of desserts would be there (the ladies in our church are superlative cooks.)  So I decided that I would save some points for a piece of pie (buttermilk pecan was my pie of choice.)  But that afternoon, I decided to cook some of my Pumpkin Custard, so I would know that was waiting for me when I got home.  So at the event, I saw a fellow weight watcher scoping out the pies, and I said, ‘Wanna share a piece?’  So we took one piece of pie in the kitchen, and cut it in 3 and each had just the right tiny piece to satisfy us.  And, I’m here to tell you, it was worthy!  But so much better than stuffing yourself with the whole piece.

And the last two days I have spent cleaning and rearranging and decorating for Christmas, and trying not to be a grinch about it.  I like living in a clean house.  I just don’t like cleaning the house.  And that means I have chosen not to exercise for 3 days in a row, which, in spite of my good food choices, has me feeling a little like Santa Claus–you know, the belly like a bowl full of jelly.  Oh well, soon….

I saw this video in another of my favorite blogs, and thought it was so goofy and funny I would share it with you in case you were feeling a little grumpy this Christmas.  This guy is actually a really good singer…


3 thoughts on “WHAT A WEEK ITS BEEN!

  1. Debby –
    Reading your post, I was so nervous for you! I love being involved in music at church, but actually DOING it is another story! What a great opportunity for you to serve and use the talents God has given you. And I keep telling myself that I’m going to make that pumpkin custard; I need to just DO it some day… I’m sure my husband will be pleased!!

    Thanks for the notes of encouragement; faith is a daily struggle, but also a daily blessing. Reading through your past posts has given me encouragement. While we might have an age gap between us, I see a lot in you that I desire for myself. You are an independent woman, living completely the way you desire to live. When you want to be involved in church, you do it. When you want to change your lifestyle, you do it. When you want to pick up a hobby, or spend time on one, you do it. Marriage makes things a little harder for me, in my opinion; but I think that if I were to have your mindset more often, I would definitely be better for it.

    Thank you for your continued encouragement, and by simply living in a way that encourages and uplifts others; you are a blessing, and your love for the Lord is obvious *smile*

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