Snow Days, California Style

Hi all!  Just laughing at myself, because as I have read your blogs about walking in the snow and getting out there in 20-30 degree weather, I would sometimes weeny out on exercising because ‘its too cold’–like 48 degrees.  But we finally got some real winter weather.  First I wanted to share a picture of my oldest Japanese Maple.  I’ve had it since I first moved up here, about 22 years.  The poor thing has struggled through hot summers and a pot that is too small, and so usually by the fall, it has just given up.  Combine that with our mild fall weather, and a good Japanese Maple just doesn’t know what to do.  So I seldom get really great fall color.  And this year I thought it would be the same.  All my other smaller maples really didn’t give me much of a show.  But this one, in December–well, I think of it as God’s Christmas present to me.  And even after our ‘snow days’ the leaves are still all on the tree, and the color is more glorious than ever!


So on to our ‘snow days’ adventure.  My sister was up for a little overnight pre-Christmas visit.  We knew snow was predicted, but it didn’t look like anything was going to be able to stick.  Its been too warm here….WRONG!  Sunday afternoon there was some really pretty snow falling, but by Monday noon most of the snow around my house was melted.  Monday afternoon we got in the car to go out (I was riding out with her to go to Curves and walk home) and ‘snowballs’ started falling!  I don’t know what that stuff is, but they are about 1/2 inch around and they look like snowballs.  Well, we got to the steep hill and guess what?  It was iced over.  So after some nerve-wracking slipping, and some hot flashes, we got the car turned around and slipped back home.  She missed an important school appointment, and I knew I was going to miss a lunch party with some dear friends that I was really looking forward to.  Yeah, our mutual disappointment made for great company…but we ended up salvaging the evening by watching a movie together with some popcorn and other assorted goodies.  My sister was disturbed, and I was surprised to find that I actually had no non-diet food in my house.  I thought that in the bottom of my chest freezer I would find plenty of stuff.

Anyways, the next morning, I walked out to scope out the situation, and we made a plan for her to escape at the peak melting point, about 3 pm that afternoon.  We drove out together again, and I walked home, so I got a total of 4 1/2 miles of walking in that day.  The day before I went out and ran up and down the hills in the snow for about 2 miles.  I have to admit that between the disappointment and the frustration there was a little too much snackage going on.  I hadn’t weighed myself for a week (VERY unusual for me) so I was pleasantly surprised by my weight this morning–maintaining nicely, more or less.  I saw little trees like this on my walk home.  They were so pretty with melting snow on each needle, just like diamonds with the sun shining on them (which doesn’t show up in this picture.)  But I thought you guys would get a laugh about what a big deal we Californians make about such a little bit of snow…



3 thoughts on “Snow Days, California Style

  1. Oh, yes, I can attest to the snow excitement! We’ve been watching the weather, and yesterday morning called a school up in the Santa Cruz moutains to confirm that it was, indeed, snowing. So we took a little “snow detour” to work and school. It was snowing at the time, and all the huge pine trees and redwoods had coverage…stunning! We stopped at a lot on the side of the road, and made a respectable snowman and had a snowball fight. There was only about 2-3 inches on the ground, but enough to have some fun and to get us in the Christmas spirit.

  2. Beautiful photos. LOVE the Japanese maple. I love how plants grow with us. I forget sometimes just how much a part of my life my plants are to me…where they came from, the places they’ve lived with me. Thank you so much for this post.

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