The Fallout

Well, for fun, I tracked the food and points that I ate yesterday.  43 to my best accounting…  but I thoroughly enjoyed what I ate, and had quite a bit of healthy stuff in between the not-so-healthy.  And I am anxious to get back to ‘life as usual.’  Such a good feeling to know that I don’t want to continue eating all that other stuff.  There  are some great  food ideas out there in blogland today.  Vickie had some simple recipes that I am anxious to try, and Mizfit had a guest poster who loves food, but talked about damage control, and also about making a delicious soup today.  Yumm!

Yesterday was one of the loveliest, most relaxing Christmases I can remember.  It was SO NICE to be in my own home.  As a single person, and also as someone whose career demands that you work on Christmas, that is just not something that happens much.  But I think I will make sure that it happens more often.

My sister came up in time for dinner.  And brought with her some of her famous lemon tarts, along with a whole pan full of cookie bars that are officially named “Debby’s Favorite Christmas Cookies.”  I have to say that that is a true example of food = love.  She cooked all day for her family on Christmas Eve, and then spent a good part of her Christmas day making these cookie bars.

But today is a new day, and most of the goodies will go home with her, if she will do me the favor of taking them.  I think I will keep 4 of my ‘favorites’ in the freezer for a rainy day.  The thing about the freezer is that for some reason it is a ‘safe zone’ for me.  I actually had some fantastic pecan pie still in there that someone had made for me LAST Christmas.

I am looking forward to the next two weeks at home.  My main focus will be reading and maybe writing, quilting, and really amping up the exercise.  I am going to consult a personal trainer that a friend has highly recommended, and probably sign up for a group class that she is doing.  Let’s all hit the New Year with a collective Bang!


5 thoughts on “The Fallout

  1. Wow – only 43 points – you are awesome!

    Funny, the freezer is also a safe zone for me. I don’t know if it is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ or what, but frozen treats are never in the front of my mind.

  2. I’m going right now to freeze some of the “treats” we have left over – usually I just eat them until they are gone, but you have inspired me to pull out the STOP sign. The food insanity ends today!


  3. you know I am trying to figure out a sister that watched you work hard to drop your weight and then brings a whole pan full of bars, cookies.

    I can see bringing you one, two, six – but a whole pan?

    . . .is this appreciated? like it is part of Christmas? or some sort of a disconnect between how things used to be and how they are? not getting that this is a life style change?

    Just wondering –

    At my house – part of me would be thinking – of things that she could have made for your freezer that were FOOD that could have stocked you for meals – like turkey burgers/meatballs or other things that you might not make for one – but would love to have on hand.

  4. In my defense, I just rushed out the door w/ the pan because it’s a 2-1/2 hr. drive to Debby’s house and I wanted to get here before dark. I admit that a big part of our bonding as we were growing up was that we both loved making cookies, and it IS nostalgic for me, and I think for Debby, too. And I am proud of both of us–we each only ate one bar per day (very small squares, I might add!) and I AM taking the leftovers home except for a couple that are going in Debby’s freezer (“the safe”). Oh, and I brought her some 2-ltr. bottles of Diet Coke, too.

  5. Oh no! It WOULD happen that sister would happen to read that last comment, although I can tell it was made with the best of intentions 🙂
    I see both sides. But seriously, Christmas is a time for something a little extra. Why bake the whole pan only to bring 2 or 4? You don’t HAVE to eat the whole pan just because it’s there, and you showed that by exercising your self control. And having the pan there gave you the ability to control yourself by choosing how many you want to eat, or to freeze.
    I think your sister is absolutely marvelous to taking the time to bake a treat that truly fulfills your Christmas cookie need. Why waste calories on an average cookie, when you can enjoy your very favorite?

    It sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas; I’m so glad! I hope you get the chance to get some more relaxation in!

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