Houston, we have a problem!  (Or, Miz, should I say, “Austin, we have a problem!”)  Boy, this is tough.  Like I said a few posts ago, I realized that no matter how many sweets I ate, it wasn’t enough, or satisfying.  It just left me wanting more…I like the way Lori describes it:  “the sugar monster is roaring pretty fierce.”  So I started out pretty poorly this morning.  Rummaging through my freezer (the indoor one, not ‘”the safe” freezer out on the back porch) for some blueberries, and what do I come upon but one of my old scones–full fat version.  So, that’s what I started my day with.  Then, that last piece of pecan pie was still sitting out, and I finished that off mid-morning.  But after that, I got it under control, and only ate my old healthy foods.  It was definitely a mental struggle, but I believe I will be able to stick the landing–oops, went from outer space analogy to gymnastics analogy.  Oh, well, you get the picture.  Also struggled all day mentally with getting out there for a walk/run.  Set 4pm as my cut-off time because I knew I wanted to get an hour in.  And at 4 pm exactly, me and the 4 k9 units (as Linda says) headed out the door.  It was good for all of us, as they were feeling pretty frisky from the lack of exercise the past few days, and it made me feel great to get the 3 mile round trip in easily.  While I was walking, I thought about what I could/should/would eat instead of the #*&%@# C-O-O-K-I-E-S in the freezer.  And I came up with quite a few of my old favorites.  So that made me pretty happy.

I also talked to my brother (remember, the weight lifter/long distance walker/health fanatic) who admitted to indulging a bit too much in the past month, and also has been slacking off for the past 3 months, and he now has 16 pounds to lose.  Its not that I am happy he has gained weight.  But it really gives me confidence that someone I know who has had long-term success with controlling his weight (like, his whole life) still can have ups and downs and still succeed in the end.  I mean, at one point (not now) Oprah’s ‘little problem’ would have put me in the dumper.

Another big advantage to eating good foods to fuel your body, and exercising to condition your body is that I think it makes your immune system much stronger.  I didn’t mention it, but I had a cold starting the day before Christmas Eve, but really, today it is essentially gone.  It just never got terrible.  Maybe its a coincidence, but I really think I don’t get as sick as I used to.

Well, I am still thinking about/working on putting more protein and good oils into my diet.  It is hard work trying to implement a new food plan.  I don’t think I will get away from the points completely.  It really still helps me to keep track easily of what I am eating.  But, I am going to work more on incorporating Lori’s 50-25-25 plan into my meals.  Thanks again, Lori, for spending the time on such a good post.  I am also going to add my weight lifting back in to my exercise.  I had worked up to using 17 pound dumbells before I hurt my back.  Then, I was a little afraid that I had hurt my back (or added to it) by lifting wrong.  And now, my back is better, and they sit there with the 17 pounds on them, and it just seems too hard.  I know what to do–back off to 10 pounds and work my way back up…okay, I’m going to end and go fix those dumbells right now!


The 'K9 units' rest up after their long walk.

The 'K9 units' rest up after their long walk.


7 thoughts on “Re-Entry

  1. what a great post. (thanks for th e link) love the smart women you linked to as well, the snippet on your brother, and how you almostslidofftrack and got back on the healthy eating wagon (and I say YES on the healthy living and immunity but it has it’s drawbacks as Im always playing nurse never patient :))

    kisses to the K9s.

  2. Awe, what adorable pooches! You tuckered them right out with all that exercise 🙂
    This is a great post! keep up the good work; the holidays are about indulging a bit; but you’ve pretty much kept it reigned in. 🙂

  3. A good way to protect the back is to start out with lifting that can be done with you flat on your back on the floor, feet on the floor, knees bent, so that you can keep that back very protected. My therapist used to stand there with her hand under my back – saying – smash it down – lots of arm work can be done this way. When I do standing work – I keep one foot further back than the other – this protects my back – but I would suggest starting with the flat on the floor work (for a long time – weeks) first!

    what do you think about the fact that your brother has a lot of the same background (family habits, family holidays, genes, history)- as you reflect on his exercise and food habits???

    For me – diving into the sweets/processed sets off a chain reaction that I do not take personally – it is NOT low will power or lack of focus – it IS chemical and addictive and a whole host of other things.

    And I have to watch myself like a hawk to stop the chain reaction instead of fueling it.

    I personally think that it lasts about 4 weeks. . .

    and I think that is the error that many make. I think that many think if they watch themselves carefully for a couple days – they are past the danger.

    And then in a couple days they ‘dip in’ again. And the cycle repeats with each go around getting closer and closer together. And then the scale starts to bob around and then it becomes a full blown yoyo.

    I think that you are brilliant to look for whole foods that can replace other things. There is a big difference between eating a big plate of zucchini or green beans with tomato based sauce (instead of eating a plate full of pasta). Or like you said – blue berries instead of a dessert type thing.

    I do have to be careful of what is in the house at these times – even if I am not diving into it – it ‘haunts’ me in some way that I cannot exactly explain. The fact that it IS – impacts me. It is sort of like it keeps my equilibrium off balance – in a way that I can’t get steady on my feet no matter how hard I try. And it can be the ODDEST things that do it – not something obvious – like a dessert – but sometimes even a certain processed cereal will really throw me off balance and other times – this same brand will not have any impact at all.

    I am such a ‘normal’ day person – that I have to be very careful when everyone is home and I do not have my normal routine – that sneaks into my balance and really throws me off.

    I am very glad for you nice long walk. The girls and I watched part of the It’s Me or The Dog last night – It was amazing how many people had all these dog behavior problems that were based on the fact that they never walked the dogs. so the dogs were bored and had pent up energy. she would say things like – walk them twice a day for at least 20 minutes and take them out for another session of one on one play (like fetch) and it did solve a lot of the behavior problems. It made me think of myself – because my exercise gives me focus and takes away a lot of the stress/boredom – might be good doggie advice that applies to us all.

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments.

    Vickie, you always have such interesting insights. Thanks for the back suggestions. They make sense to me, especially the smashing the back down.

    My brother? Yes, we have a lot of the same stuff. But one big difference is that he never liked food. VERY picky eater. Was very thin growing up. I think he got interested in weight training in order to NOT be so thin. And then read a ton, and healthy eating/exercise became a hobby to him. However, he lives with two daughters and a wife who LOVE food, and love to cook, and thus the temptation that he lives with, especially at this time of year.

    Yes, the ‘haunting’ foods–for me it is choc. chip cookies. There’s probably a couple of other things. But those things are off my radar range now, and I’m not going to try to think of them! And I agree with you about the chain reaction/cycle thing. The taste of that ‘good’ stuff is not worth the angst that it causes.

    Yes, I was really happy about that walk. The dog whisperer says the same thing: exercise, discipline, affection. In that order.

  5. debby – it takes a long time to get sugar addiction back under control. I will do okay for a few days, then the cravings come back again. The sugar receptors stay active for a while, even if they aren’t being used. It takes a couple weeks for me to feel fully back in control.

    I’m glad you liked my post. Sometimes it’s all about just trying something different. Not radical, but different.

  6. Ohhhh, it’s a parallel universe. Went out for breakfast and stopped to see my mom. I was eye-balling a piece of Xmas candy….for over an hour. Got to the safety of my own house and ate cookies. That have to GO!

    I love them tuckered out K9 units. Maybe Hugh and I will take ours out later. Young Murphy is being a pest.

    You will get thru this. And thanks for the linkage.

  7. That’s weird, I thought I had already commented on this!!

    Trying new things is never easy, but I think it’s good try something new. The sugar monster has been lurking in my head too – I threw out a bunch of candy that I knew we didn’t need, and put the rest in a box high up on the shelf – outta sight, outta mind. The only reason I’m keeping it at all is to prove to myself that I can have those things in the house and not be held captive to their presence! so far so good.

    I have decided that today begins another round of focused exercising – got to get this holiday weight off PRONTO!!!

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