Give me a break.  You all know I am Oprah’s friend.  I mean, I faithfully spend time with her every day.  I don’t agree with everything she says and does, but I admire her for how hard she tries.  I think she’s pretty, even when she doesn’t.  I never tell her ‘that dress is not that attractive on you.’  And I really think she is funny.  I laugh at all her jokes.

But give me a break.  She still doesn’t get it.  Even when her buddy Bob Green is sitting there right beside her saying (what we all in blogville have been saying for the past few weeks at least) that your weight problem does not have an ending point.  The best you can do is to manage it.  Oh, she gave a passing nod to that statement, but then she went on to proclaim loudly, ‘its not about the food.  Its about loving yourself.’  Well,I think my friend Oprah does have a problem with loving herself, or feeling ‘worthy,’ but that is not everyone’s problem.  And it is a lot about the food.  Paying attention to what you eat all the time.  I even copied this statement from the Refuse to Regain website a few weeks ago, because I thought it was brilliant.  “If Oprah’s anything like me, her greatest failing may be the desire to believe that overweight can be solved once and for all.”  Shelley S. on Refuse to Regain.

And Carney Wilson again?  Give me another break.  Every time that girl gains or loses weight she gets a platform on Oprah to expound ad nauseum on all her insight and ‘wisdom,’ which usually sounds something like, “I finally love myself.”   Aaargh!

Well, it serves me right.  Looking forward to this show like there was going to be some amazing new insight into weight loss, or weight control.  When all along, as Glinda the Good Witch said to Dorothy, ‘it was right there in front of you all the time.’  Repeat after me, “There’s no place like blome, there’s no place like blome.”  [blome=bloggy home–that’s the best I could do on the spur of the moment.]

Well, I had lots of happy good stuff to blog about today.  Had no intention of going on a rant about Oprah.  As another famous movie character said, “I can’t think about that now.  I’ll think about that tomorrow when I can stand it.”

Habanada!  (Does anyone besides my sister remember what tv show this line is from?)


11 thoughts on “Oprah

  1. I had exactly the same feeling today. I am (was) a huge Oprah fan even though all of my friends were sick of her cockiness. Oprah stretched too thin? Maybe she should not have been so egocentric as to need her own radio program, a broadway play, a movie (The Great Debaters), two magazines, television network (coming soon) and on and on. Yes, a thousand times yes, she is amazing! She has done so much for the world and deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. It is just irritating that so much of her stress is your choice to get her “brand” into every kind of media imaginable. Lately, when she hugs people, it is like they are approaching a queen with her queen hug. It is getting old.

  2. I think you are right about Oprah having a problem not loving herself. The wya I figure it, there are as many reason’s for being overweight as there are people who are overweight. Part of if IS about the food, part of it is about one’s view of oneself. But you can’t make a blanket statement that if you “learn to love yourself’ you’ll lose weight. I like myself. I’m a great person. I also happen to be overweight. I don’t like that about me. But I’m not overweight because I don’t love myself. I’m overweight because I ate too much of the wrong foods for too many years.

    Other than that, I’m not much of an Oprah fan. But that is another story.

  3. busy, Busy, BUSY
    more, More, MORE
    are ways of hiding from oneself and being so wrapped up in THINGS/ACTIVITIES that one doesn’t have time to take care of oneself.

    Most of us are wrapped up in smaller things/activities – she is wrapped up in world wide things/activities. Like dancing as fast as one can so one doesn’t have to stop and look in the (inner and outer) mirror.

    I do not look at her and think – with all her $$$ she could have anything she wants. I look at her and think if you take one of US and increase our circumstances by 100,000% – that is her life. She is LESS likely to succeed (than one of us) not more likely. She has more to keep her busy, more to hide behind.

    Also, I looked at the list of foods that Bob published a year or more ago and realized (at that time) that list was great advice for feeding a family – but not great advice for feeding any of us – it was processed, processed, processed. For those of us that react to the food itself (and I believe that she does – I believe that she is a food addict) – that is never going to work. It is always going to leave her wanting MORE.

    I have not watched it yet – I am not sure I will be able to watch it ever. I have a hard time with the bloggers that beat their heads against a wall and then write about the blood in their eyes.

    I do better with the ones that move forward. Even if it is only a fraction of an inch at a time – if they are pointed in the right direction and moving – I do better with them.

    I believe Oprah is still going the wrong way. . .

  4. Excellent point. I love Oprah, too, but that girl needs to come spend some time in Maintenance Land with old Lynn. She’d see it really IS ABOUT FOOD most of the time. Yes, you have to love yourself, blah blah blah, but good lord, no one loves themselves all the time every day. Accepting that is probably more beneficial than trying to understand the times you don’t love yourself. Did that make any sense? Anyway, I loved Shelly’s quote, too. It’s continuous, this weight thing. All the time. Day in day out.

  5. It is about the food. Now she is blaming a low thyroid. Well – hypothyroidism can be caused by low cal/yo-yo dieting for a long time, which she has done.
    And there are plenty of people who can succeed with thyroid problems.

    But – it really is about the food. You are totally right. If you say “Well, I just love myself”, you still have to eat right. Too many times people make that statement to justify their weight problem.

    Maybe Oprah expect perfection, and as we all know – weight loss and maintenance will always be progress, never perfection. Expecting perfection leads to weight gain and self loathing.

    I totally agree with you.

  6. I have just in the last year (last few months really) realized that weight loss is not something that ends. I will be managing this issue for the rest of my life, and I’m finally okay with that. The sooner Oprah figures that out, the better. I think that maybe God has given her this struggle to keep her grounded because if she were naturally thin, she’d be perfect!

    And Carney Wilson – give me a break. I think she’s smoked too much weed.

    LOVE Scarlette O’Hara. I use that quote A LOT!

    Habanada – have no idea. I’m guessing something from the 60’s or early 70’s???

  7. Well, I’m glad all you dieters–maintainers?–agree w/ me re: Oprah. I kept waiting for some fabulous new insight and it never came. And that dress she wore when Tina Turner and Cher were on?!? Shame on her dresser!!! That was just gosh-awful. And about her feeling unloved or unlovable–doing all the good deeds in the world will never get it through her head that she can’t prove herself as valuable and lovable in God’s eyes. He does that already to us–warts and all. I just don’t think she will ever completely surrender to this truth, sadly. And that means that she will never totally get it, either, because that will mean giving up her POWER. What a shame.


  8. Thank YOU!!! I thought I was the only one shaking my head in disbelief. I wanted to call her and say.. “I LOVE MYSELF… I just happend to have a food addiction.” Jeesh. And Carney Wison just loses and gains weight to be in the spotlight all the time… look she’s FAT!! Look, she’s skinny AGAIN!! Good grief, talk about a bad role model for women!! LOL

    Ok, there was my short rant! Have a great day!

  9. I was thinkin’ maybe if we spelled it phonetically, it wouldn’t look quite like something Fred Flintstone would say (you know, like “yaba-dabba-doo!”). So here’s a hint, people: it sounds like this:


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