Comfort Food–Then and Now

Since I seem to be in a never-ending loop of stress, I thought I would share what I’ve learned so maybe someone else will be able to handle the stress that comes along in their life.  No, I have no advice about how to help your aging parents.  But as always, I do know a thing or two about food!  Today was really stressful, and I was in the house all day.  But I noticed that I had a really good food day.  Here’s how I did it.

6am:  Raisin bran and unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, cottage cheese and grapes, and a cup of really good coffee with half & half

9am:  Felt like cooking, so tried an experiment to make Chocolate zucchini walnut cookies (1 point) and of course I had to try one, with my second cup of coffee.  Put the rest of the cookies directly in the freezer.

11:30am:  English muffin ‘pizzas, made w/lite eng. muff, 1 lite cheese stick, tomato, marinara sauce and mushrooms (thank you, Roni, for the idea,) and a pina colada smoothie (2 points).

2:30pm:  Kozy Shack SF Tapioca w/fresh pineapple, and a Fiber One Choc. Chip bar.

5:00  Tiny ice cream thing (1 point)  This was an impulse decision, not planned.

6:00  2 oz. turkey w/a little cranberry sauce, roasted zucchini, and a piece of zucchini bread (1 point)

snack:  Cherries in the Snow, 1 point dk. chocolate, and 1 point Jolly Time Kettle Corn.

So, I noticed that I ended up coming in within my points allowance, and ate relatively healthy, wasn’t really too hungry, but most of all that I was eating food I really wanted to–‘the new comfort food.’

Just for comparison, here is a sample of how I might have eaten in the past when I was having a bad day.

8am:  coffee and two donuts

10am:  Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies, and reserve a bowl of dough to eat when I was done baking the cookies.  Eat one cookie freshly baked

11am:  Eat the bowl of cookie dough

3pm:  leftover mac and cheese, chips, and a candy bar

6pm:  go to town to get a large hamburger and fries.  Chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

I don’t really think this is an exaggeration.  I actually had a hard time remembering how I did eat.  And of course, this was an example of a stress-eating day.  Some days I ate better.  But really, a lot of days I ate like this.

 So when I have a day like today, just the fact that I am able to eat relatively healthily is, in itself, a comfort to me.  Because part of the stress is seeing my parents age, and become feeble.  And at least if I continue to eat well and exercise, I will know that I have done my part to age as gracefully as possible.


4 thoughts on “Comfort Food–Then and Now

  1. Good for you – wow you seem so healthy -mentally and physically!

    Sorry for the stress, but here’s a funny for you: in college my roommate used to wear a shade of nail polish called Cherries in the Snow. We thought that was so funny! so every time you mention this food I am reminded of nail polish – weird huh?!

  2. Alright, Jill. I didn’t even realize this until you wrote it, but that is the name of MY favorite nail polish! And can you believe I even wear nail polish? When I started losing weight, I started polishing my toenails. I just get a big kick out of it, even though I think its silly.

    That is too weird to me. Because every time I ate them, or wrote that in my food journal or on the blog, I would think ‘where did that name come from?’ Well, now I know. Good grief.

  3. Hang in there – its hard watching your parents age. I’ve noticed that my 68 year old mom repeats her stories quite often, and when I call her on it, she replies “oh I just forgot who I told!”

    Now she prefaces almost every sentence “stop me if you’ve heard this one!”

    Congrats on keeping it together!

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