Drive-by Exercise?

Oh brother!  Yesterday, (after watching Biggest Loser the night before) I planned to hit both Curves and take a walk with the dogs. A friend took me out to lunch for my birthday (a month later–FUN!) and I had the most delicious salad–WAAAY too many calories, but the combo was worth mentioning.  If you controlled the amounts of the add-ins, it would be a worthy salad.  Romaine lettuce with avocados,walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, dried cranberries, mandarin oranges, and asian dressing.  So I took my work out clothes and planned on stopping at Curves on my way home.  I found myself brooding over the situation with my dad and his wife while in the car, and I got as far as turning into the parking lot at Curves, and driving right up to it, but I just couldn’t make myself stop and go in.  I didn’t want to see or talk to anyone.  Oh well…

But when I got home, after briefly checking the computer, I got my walking clothes on, and only took Oliver the practically perfect black Standard Poodle on purpose, because I wanted to take an extra long walk, if possible.  I also grabbed my little journal with my memory verses so I could work on that while I walked.  I find it so much better for me to work on memorizing Scripture instead of going over and over and over a problem while I walk.  So Oliver and I just walked and walked and walked.  No running, just a steady pace.  To be honest, for three-quarters of the time I really felt like going to sleep.  I thought, when I get home, I’m gonna take a bath and go to bed.  That’ll be one way to control what I eat.  But finally, the last half mile, I got a surge of energy back, and really challenged myself to pick up the pace.  We got in about 4 miles.  And, I memorized two verses!  Very calming all the way around.

Also, wanted to tell you guys about a great way to make smoothies that is really relatively low-cal!  First, you need to have frozen fruit.  You can buy that, of course.  But one of the great things I did earlier this year was to buy a whole bag of bananas that were over-ripe for a dollar!  So I brought them home, peeled and mashed them, and then portioned the mashed bananas into baggies–about one banana per baggie.  At the end of strawberry season I will do the same thing.  Although sometimes I just freeze the strawberries whole.

Anyways, I had this idea last week.  And it absolutely tastes great–just like a milkshake, if you ask me.  Pour 3/4 cup almond breeze and 1/4 cup egg beaters (6 grams protein) into the blender.  Add 3-4 ice cubes.  Add fruit as desired.  Last night I made a chocolate banana shake.  Used chocolate almond breeze and added 1 Tbsp (15 calories!) of cocoa powder to make sure it was chocolaty enough.  The chocolate almond breeze has 90 calories for 3/4 cup.  I think you could probably use the unsweetened vanilla almond breeze (30 calories for 3/4 cup) and add 2 Tbsp cocoa powder and get the same results for less calories.  I also checked my protein powder, and you could add 1/2 scoop for 50 calories, which would also add 9 grams protein.  If I have enough points, I might try a pina colada version today–I have some frozen pineapple, and then just add some coconut flavoring!  I can see where I could get addicted to this stuff in the summer time.

I also wanted to pass on that Lori has a second blog called What I’m Eating.  Lori is very creative with her recipes, and is really aware of trying to increase the protein in her snacks and her meals.  And she is a real person who likes really good food, which makes me trust her ideas more!

HABANADA, friends!  I’m hoping to have a productive AND relaxing day at home before going back to work tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Drive-by Exercise?

  1. So sorry about the parent thing, but good for you for handling it in a healthy way! And your smoothie sounds good, but I’m wondering why you added the eggs – could you do it without? The thought of eating raw eggs (even if they are a sub) makes me squeamish.

    That is such an excellent idea with the bananas!! I buy a lot of bananas (it’s one of the few things the 3 year old will eat) and there is ALWAYS one banana that goes bad before we can eat it. I’m going to start freezing the over ripe ones from now on.

    Excellent post Debs!! =)

  2. I have a huge bag of mixed fruit in my freezer.. I don’t have almond breeze, but I do have chocolate soy milk! I just might try that out this evening.

    I have never been able to walk and read at the same time; two left feet. That’s great that you can, though; I bet the quiet is a great time to memorize scripture, since you’re away from the stress of home and everything else. I think what I need is a dog; then I’d HAVE to get out and walk!

    I was also wondering about the eggs.. just for protein’s sake? Does it help the flavor or consistency?

  3. That’s funny, you both asked about the eggs. Way back in the day, we used to make breakfast drinks with a raw egg in them, just for the nutrition, I guess. But then the whole thing about raw eggs and salmonella….

    So then when I started using eggbeaters, and realized that the egg whites are essentially tasteless (the taste I don’t like is the yolks) and that they are pasteurized (safe) that’s what made me try them. Then the other day, Bob Greene (Oprah’s friend) was showing a smoothie and mentioned using egg whites, and he said ‘to improve the texture’ it caught my attention again. And, I know for sure that ‘orange julius’ (is that before your time?) used egg white powder in their drinks, which I absolutely LOVED.

    So that’s the deal. You could leave the egg whites out and use the protein powder. To be honest, I am afraid I won’t like the taste of the protein powder. I guess I am wary of ‘drinking my calories’ and if there is more protein, I hope it will stick with me longer.

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