A Bakefest at my House

Today I was stressed.  ‘Ho hum.  What else is new Debby?’ you ask.   Well, instead of eating through my stress, I baked through it.  First I tried a recipe I had seen yesterday on Roni’s Greenlite Bites, for Banana Bundt Cake.  It has chocolate chips in it!  I followed the recipe almost exactly as is, so I will let you just follow Roni’s recipe.  I did add 1/2 cup of Splenda, because it wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting when I tasted the batter.  This was really tasty, and looked pretty enough to take to a potluck or something–mine looked just like the picture on Roni’s site.  It has CHOCOLATE CHIPS in it!  And one big slice is only 2 points.  Of course I had to have a piece ‘to make sure it was okay’ before I froze the rest of it!  Then I decided to bake a couple of loaves of zucchini bread.  I still haven’t posted this recipe on my sidebar, and it is one of my alltime favorites.  Again, a big slice for 2 points.  I only had 1/2 slice of this one.  Then I remembered a recipe that Lori had posted a while ago, and I really wanted to try it, because I wanted to try baking with the protein powder, and also because I had bought some apricots that weren’t primo, but I thought they would be good baked in something.  And oatmeal bars sounded like a good place to put apricots.  I adjusted Lori’s recipe a little, so my version of this recipe is over on my sidebar.  Man, these were REALLY tasty.  They were more–3 points, but with the addition of the protein powder, they should stick with you longer, which makes them worthy.  I had one of them for my afternoon snack with a little lite cool whip on top.  I was really excited that something baked with protein powder could be so delicious.  So, as you can see, a day a little heavy on the baked goods.  But overall, I only ate 24 points today, so that is a really good day.  And even though I had trouble concentrating, in between the baking, I actually got a lot of quilting done today.  And a little cleaning.  And I finally forced myself out the door at 5pm for a 2 mile run.  I just can’t seem to make myself go to Curves on these days that I am feeling stressed.


5 thoughts on “A Bakefest at my House

  1. You are soo good – if I were to bake all that stuff, I would have eaten all of it!!!

    I’m sorry you are so stressed, but really you are handling it well! I’m impressed!

    I need to try some of those recipes – they sound yummy!

    Keep your chin up girl, it will get better! =)

  2. ooooh I wish I could take some baking lessons from you. I am probably the worst baker I have ever met. It all sounds sooo yummy! Hang in there; The Lord is with you. I know what stress is like! But you’re handling it like a pro 🙂

    P.S. I will miss you too! I’m really hoping we can get a blog up and running before we go that we can access in China (although I won’t want it linked to my weight loss blog!)
    At the very least, we’ll have email at work. So I’ll keep you updated, and try to follow the goings-on with you 🙂

    Have a wonderful Tuesday, Debby!

  3. what type of protein powder do you use (there are a lot of different types) my mom uses the one that is rice based.

    do you taste the protein powder in your finished product? could you theoretically put it in everything that you bake?

    my middle child is now able to make a protein shake and be happy with it (Curves brand, skim milk, ice cubes) but it took her a while for it to taste good to her. She hasn’t had ‘real’ ice cream in long enough that her taste buds are able to adjust.

    Here is the link for a zucchini chocolate cake that the youngest and I have been eye balling – trying to figure out how to get the sugar WAY down. I haven’t tried it yet – but often just simply cutting the sugar in 1/2 tastes the same.


  4. Hi all, thanks for all the nice comments.

    Vickie–this was the first time I bought protein powder. So many to choose from. I bought whey protein, vanilla flavored–only because they didn’t have unflavored where I was shopping.

    Amy Jo, you are such an adventurous cook–I’m sure you could bake if you just tried it a little.

    Jill, I don’t know why I don’t eat all the stuff. But I find one portion of the ‘good’ stuff satisfying, whereas I am never completely satisfied with the ‘bad’ stuff (full fat, full sugar) I am starting to believe more and more in the addictive qualities of sugar. And yet, I do eat little bits of it every day practically–a little dark chocolate, a W.W. bar…Its all very confusing to me.

    Miz, I am anxious to experiment more with the protein powder now that this recipe was such a success.

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