My Fativersary

Don’t get mad at me Pastaqueen!  Isn’t imitation the greatest flattery?  Pastaqueen coined this word, and I thought it was great, because I tend to think of this journey as something where I have never arrived.  I mean, I lost a hundred pounds, but I don’t remember the exact date that happened.  I never got to my Weight Watchers goal.  Since I started this blog I have been trying to lose a variety of weights, anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds, depending on the day.  And I have said before that I have a thought that if I can maintain the weight lost for 5 years, that will be something like being in remission from a serious chronic illness–but that time is still a little ways off.   All that leaves me feeling frustrated and even a failure at times.  

So when Pastaqueen named this as a day to celebrate, I really liked it.  January 19, 2005 is the first day I went to Weight Watchers.  I had just turned 50 the month prior to that.  I had just semi-recovered from what could have been a very serious knee injury.  I had just gone to the doctor for the first time in almost 40 years.  And, my blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol were at the very high end of normal.  Things were not looking good.

And then a friend asked me if  I would go to Weight Watchers with her.  And I went.  I was SOOOOO skeptical.  No way I’m journaling.  No way I’m counting points.  No way I’m eating crappy-tasting food.  

It was depressing giving up large servings of meat.  I resented the amount of time i had to spend preparing food–my back hurt standing for that long a period of time.  And the exercise.  When I started, I would go the equivalent of 1/2 a city block and then turn around and limp home.  Various things hurt–my back, my hips, my knees, my ankles, sometimes my toes (I’m not kidding!,) and sometimes a combination of all or parts of these things hurt.  I used to say it was my D.P. walk, because there was a nice older lady in my church with a bad hip, and she had a very distinctive limp-hop kind of gait, and that was the way I would have to walk to make it home.  Fortunately I live in a remote area.

And now!  Thinking back on how real all this was in my life, I can hardly believe I had a day like today.  I decided to try a new recipe that had intrigued me.  It wasn’t a diet recipe, but I tweaked it to make it lower calorie, and then made enough to share with an elderly friend.  I tried to think of what kind of dessert I could make for him, and came up with a new FANTASTIC combination, also low calorie.  Then, because I was short on time, I leashed up the doggies and went for a run, and I not only ran down the hills, but this time I ran UP the hills.  I can hardly believe it myself.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate my ‘Fativersary.’  I’m so happy to have something to celebrate.

So, the food ideas!!!  I saw this recipe for Spaghetti with Bacon that intrigued me.  One, the picture looked delicious, two. because I hardly ever have spaghetti any more, the picture REALLY looked delicious, and three, there was MILK in the recipe.  That just sounded weird.  Let me tell you, this recipe is fantastic.  The main thing I substituted was turkey bacon.  Here’s another food I never would have tried in my old life.  It looks kind of gross in the package.  And the description was not very appetizing–something to the effect of thigh pieces reconstituted.  But really, in the end product I think I liked the meatier taste of the turkey bacon better than I would have liked the regular bacon.  And it added a delicious smokey taste to the sauce.  And, when I figured it all out, the total recipe was 14 points, and there were 12 half-cup servings, so 1-2 points for the sauce, and then serve it over the pasta of your choice.  Ronzoni Smart Taste, preferably.

The dessert was equally exciting.  I took a Vitatop double chocolate muffin, and crumbled it into a pretty glass dessert dish.  Then made some sugar free fat free COOK AND SERVE chocolate pudding, and poured a 1/2 cup serving of the hot pudding over the ‘cake.’  Two points for chocolate pudding cake!  

Man,  life is good!  NEVER GIVE UP, my friends!


6 thoughts on “My Fativersary

  1. Happy Fativersary, Debby! Wish I’d known you in 2005 when I started, too. We could have walked that half block together! I know that path (and the backache) well. Ah…the old days, right? Are you doing anything special for your 4-year fativersary?

  2. mmmm…. that dessert sound like heaven.
    Congratulations on your “fativersary” – that is so exciting. And what better way to celebrate than to enjoy the perks of your hard work (by being able to run with the pooches, and create healthy meals!!).

    I, too, resented preparing food. It takes soo long! I’ve realized in the past month or so that I’m actually learning to enjoy that time. Taking the time to slow down and focus on my food makes it more fulfilling. And it’s exciting learning that you can create new recipes, and put fuel into your body that is both good for you, and tasty!!

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