Exercise DVD’s

What do you guys think of them?  I just ordered two of them.  Jill issued a challenge to do Jillian Michael’s 30-day Shred.  What exactly does the shred refer to?  I don’t even know, but I ordered it anyways, and then I ordered another one because there was a deal at Amazon.  It was an Australian sounding very fit woman named Violet.  She seemed pleasant on the preview.

Then, I actually did Leslie Sansone’s 5 Mile Walking DVD.  I had ordered it from Netflix on Linda’s recommendation.  It seemed like a really good workout.  She said we did 3 miles and it took 40 minutes.  The part I really liked about it was that I could do it easily in my tiny space in my living room.  I think its kind of silly for me to live in a nice area where the weather is relatively mild and to not go outdoors for exercise.  But today it didn’t happen and it got dark, and since I had just eaten a cupcake (don’t ever watch an hour of Martha Stewart baking cupcakes,) I wanted to get some exercise in.  I can see where you’d get tired of her non-stop cheery banter, but they offer you the workout without the talking.  Nice feature.

Anyways, how ’bout that.  One of my shortest posts ever.  I just wanted to know what you all thought about DVD workouts vs. regular workouts.  I know the doggies have very strong opinions on this topic.

I’m off to make a new dish Chicken Salsa a l’Avocat…ah, the power of suggestion.

7 thoughts on “Exercise DVD’s

  1. I did the 30 day shred on Netflix. It was okay, but I don’t like how the workout started and stopped. It’s sort of an interval workout. I didn’t like it enough to do for 6 days, let alone 30 LOL!

    I have the LS 5 mile walk coming by Netflix soon, glad to hear you like it. Leslie can get annoying with the chit chat.

    My favorite workouts are The Firm ones. No chit chat, good cues and lots of variety.

  2. I have not received my 5 mile yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Living in Wisconsin and being a fair-weather gal, if I’m going to get some exercise, it’s DVDs all the way.

    I have Biggest Loser DVDs and Prevention walking. I use them often. Yesterday i did the elliptical that’s been gathering dust in my living room. That’ll be my best friend for a while, I guess.

    Have a great day.

  3. C’mon Debby – you can do it!!! And if you can’t well, that’s okay too.

    I was trying to think of that Leslie Sansone walking DVD – my mom has really bad swelling in her legs and her doc told her she needs to walk more, but she doesn’t have a good level place to walk so I thought about getting her this DVD. Thanks for the mini-review!

    I’ve never been a fan of DVD’s, but the only ones I have are Denise Austin and I’m just not that into her. I”m hoping that I’ll stumble on some that I actually like!

  4. I love Leslie walking tapes. I have the Walk Away the Pounds. 1, 2, 3 and 4 mile tapes. I am going to start using them tomorrow. It is about 1 degrees here and I won’t walk outside when it is this cold. I hope you like the tapes.

  5. Hmmm…workout DVDs are another great tool in my fitness toolkit. I don’t find the ones I’ve used to be as challenging as getting out for a run or doing a class at the gym, but they’re great for the following situations:
    – Convenient for travel or bad weather.
    – When I need something short, I have some 10 and 15 minute ones that are nice for tucking a little something into my day.
    – When I just don’t feel like running…or doing any exercise. I can usually talk myself into doing a video.
    – They help with agility, because the cardio ones tend to have more complicated footwork than a straightforward run. This helped me get used to the type of cardio one does in a class at the gym, before I got up the courage to join one.
    – The strength training ones are a nice break from my usual sets.

    Glad to get some new recommendations! I’m another vote for the Prevention walking video. On Netflix, I really like the “10 Minute Solutions Kickboxing Bootcamp” (Keli Roberts – it’s probably the only exception I’ve found to my “not-as-intense” rule). I also like the Dance Off the Inches “Fat Burning Jam” and “15 Minute Express.” I tend to not like the chit-chat, but I don’t find these ones too annoying. I’ll definitely check out the Leslie Sansone DVD for that alone! 🙂

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