The Kindness of Strangers

Just a short post to say a heartfelt thank you to all my good friends in blogland.  Your kindness is so touching and was so helpful to me the past two days.  And of course, you aren’t really strangers.  This morning I was reading quite a few blogs, and even some new ones, and it is amazing to me how we can share more openly and honestly with people we have never met in person than with people we see face to face.  But I think that because we DO share so openly, we come to honestly care about one another.  I have come to know and love many of you, and would miss you terribly if you were to disappear.  And it really meant a lot to me that you cared about me. Thank you.

Some of your comments reminded me of something I had almost forgotten, and I wanted to mention it as a plug for rescuing dogs.  I did not get Lainie directly from a rescue organization.  But she was a rescue dog nonetheless.  About twelve years ago I saw the advertisement in the newspaper for two adult female miniature wirehaired dachshunds, and went to town to see them.  Well, it turns out, the people had gotten Lainie to be a backyard breeder dog, and then I guess they found out it was more work than they wanted to bother with.  When I brought her home, she had absolutely no idea that it could be a good thing to be loved by a person.  She was only interested in running around and barking at everything in the most shrill bark I had ever heard.  Oh my, I thought, what have I got myself into?  But it didn’t take her long to learn that a human lap was a very nice place to sit, and that it really wasn’t all that necessary to bark at everything. And like I said before, she was the friendliest, funniest, most loving dog to all my friends that visited.  So I only tell you this to say that rescuing dogs is definitely worthwhile.  It usually doesn’t take as long to rehab an adult as it does to train and housebreak a puppy.  And, it made me feel a little better that Lainie really did have a great life compared to what it could have been.

Here is a picture of me and and my consolation doggie, Sophie, this morning.  She is a rescue dachshund too.  Good grief, I must know all of you pretty well, if I am willing to snap a picture of me sans make up and in my bathrobe.


5 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers

  1. Debby you and your Sophie are too cute! I’m so glad you have a dog to snuggle up to! I think I’ll let Shasta in the house today, but first I have to clear the toys out of the living room because a big labrador + lots of toys = mucho chaos! I’ll snuggle my Shasta a little more in honor of Lainie today.


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