Just wanted to check in with my blogmies!  Things are a little better in Debbyland.  Had a great day with my Dad yesterday.  Took him to see an Independent Living/Assisted Living Place.  He is in love with it almost!  I know there is a good illustration in this, but that will have to wait for another day.  He and his wife had never seen or heard of any place like this–their only frame of reference was dreary depressing nursing homes–so even though we described how nice these places can be, they just couldn’t even make the connection in their minds.

Through all this ‘trauma’ in my life, my eating has been surprisingly on target.  It makes me wonder if I have arrived at a new and improved relationship with food, or if it has more to do with not having PMS and not having the crazy fluctuations in hormones.  Of course, Charlie’s problem with the cookies might nullify that theory…that is one funny blogger, BTW.  Check him out.  

Exercise went out the window for the last two weeks.  But much to the doggie’s relief, I have started walking/running with them again.  It just felt great to be outside today, and if I wouldn’t wait til the last minute, we could have gone more than the two miles we did.

One of my favorite lunchtime treats is a big batch of roasted brussel sprouts (thanks, Vickie!) with a little garlic salt and a bit of parmesan cheese on them.  Well, Dietgirl raved about this recipe for ‘The best broccoli of your life‘ that takes it one step further–adds lemon zest, real garlic, and lemon juice to the parmesan.  It just sounds fantastic, and I can hardly wait to get some broccoli on my way home from church Sunday to try it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Hellooooo!

  1. Hi Debby! Glad to hear that things are looking up a bit with your parents’ situation and that they’re feeling more open to the idea of an independent/assisted living situation.

    It’s been good weather for vegetable roasting lately. I roasted (and ate) an entire eggplant last weekend and a butternut squash the weekend before last. How was the broccoli recipe? I remember reading that on DG’s site, and it sounded heavenly. (But have I tried it yet? Noooo.)

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