I Have to Write Something

Why?  Well, because the hoards five people who read my blog might think something terrible has happened to me, like I ate myself to death, or my muscles have atrophied so badly that I am too weak to type.

Not to worry my friends.  I am still here.  Not too sad.  Not too stressed.  Not too thin.  Not too muscle-bound.  Not too nothing, really.  But that’s just this morning.  I am very relaxed, with Sophie sleeping soundly inside my bathrobe.  (New readers:  STOP THAT!  Sophie is my miniature dachshund, and they just like burying themselves in blankets or whatever is available.)  

I go through every day thinking, ‘oh I must blog about that.’  Or, ‘that would make an interesting blog post.’  Or, ‘that’s really important, must discuss that.’  But then I don’t take the time run out of time to actually write.  Is that called blogophobia?  But I’m not afraid of other people’s blogs.  Just my own.  Is that called autoblogophobia?  I better stop.  I think we’re getting into a weird area here.

Okay.  Here are my random thoughts for the week.  The broccoli recipe I last mentioned?  The taste combination was fantastic.  But here’s the deal.  Regular eating people make up for something being a bit dry by adding massive amounts of olive oil.  The roasted broccoli is a bit dry.  Next time I will fix brocolli (can I just say here I hate spelling brocooli?) the way I like all vegetables–boiled.  And then add that delicious combination of flavors:  olive oil, garlic, lemon, and parmesan cheese.  These flavors would be good on anything.  Well, maybe not on chocolate pudding.  When I perfect this, I will put my superior version of the recipe on the side bar.

The news about how people lose weight.  It was all over the news last Thursday, that no one particular diet worked better than another.  Lower calories was what made people lose weight.  DUH!!!!  But what about the factors that allow people to continue to eat lower calories for a long time (hopefully, for the rest of their lives.)  Like, food preferences (some people crave meat, some sweets, some salty, etc.,) or satiation (I don’t want to feel hungry 24/7,) or just food enjoyment?  Barbara on Refuse to Regain did a more thorough review of this study, and focused on the effects of ‘food stimulation in the environment’ on our society’s inability to lose weight and keep it off.  I have to admit, this is a tough one.  Here is an example.  Yesterday I went over to a friend’s house.  It is a boring 40 minute drive, and so when I stopped to get gas, I went inside to get a cup of coffee to amuse myself on the way over (no comments please.)  When I paid, there were these delicious apparently homemade looking gigantic brownies at the counter.  Oh, I wanted one so bad.  I deserved it.  My life has been difficult lately.  To be honest, if there had been walnuts on top, that might have tipped the scale (Haha–a pun…) but I did resist.  Kept thinking about the beauty of brownies.  Could have stopped on my way home.  Remembered the box of ‘no pudge’ brownies in the cupboard.  Decided that I would make a double brownie when I got home.  Finally decided to see if I could be satisfied with a single serving.  Which I was.  100 calories compared to 700.  But you can see from all this boring blather that it is difficult to fight the environment.  And although I hope someday to evolve into the type of creature who doesn’t eat anything except nutritious food, I am pretty happy that I have the tools to fight our obesity-laden environment.  (BTW, these no-pudge brownies are ridiculously delicious and easy to fix, and somehow the single serving thing keeps me from eating them too often.  The last time I had one was probably a year ago!)

Food intake.  I am changing the way I track food a little bit.  Just have to tweak what I am doing so the scale will go the right direction!  But I decided to count calories instead of points.  This is interesting to me, because sometimes I will make different food choices, which is what I have been trying to do for a while.  I am still really trying to concentrate on choosing nutritious food most of the day.  I still probably eat a few too many sweets, and I seem to like to put food in my mouth, so that goes into my choice considerations.  Like, popcorn.  Not that nutritious, but I can keep putting food in my mouth for a long time, for relatively few calories…

Exercise…non-existent.  It has been raining for days here.  I could do indoor stuff–dvd’s or Curves.  But I am being a spoiled brat, and just refusing.  Now that I have admitted to it, I am going out for a walk as soon as I get off of here, because the sun is actually shining this morning.  And the dogs have cabin fever…

Blog reading.  There are just too many good blogs out there.  Just when I think I can’t read any more, I find a whole new world of bloggers out there.  My friend Jill just got named on a list by RN’s of the top 100 Healthy Mom’s blogs!  Woo Hoo Jill!  So I went over to check it out (even though I am not a mom) and clicked on this one, because I liked the name of it (Mommy Needs Motivation) and found another clever, amusing writer to keep checking on.  No wonder I can’t get a blog entry written myself….


9 thoughts on “I Have to Write Something

  1. You are so funny! And I found myself agreeing with everything you said. Everything from the broccoli to the counting calories to the blog reading. I spend way too much time reading blogs, but it’s a habit now and it’s hard to break. So I guess I’ll just have to keep reading!

    Glad you posted, I was getting worried about you! 😉

  2. Glad to hear from you, and I’m looking forward to the lightened and improved broccoli recipe! (Although I may have to try the original…I have a serious weakness for roasted veggies.)

  3. Debby: I am delurking (?) to say you have more than 5 readers. I enjoy your blog and find it very helpful in my weight loss journey. It helps me to know that I am not the only one who sometimes struggle with eating right and exercising.

  4. Glad to hear from you! So it’s not just me that’s been to busy to blupdate !
    Oh, and way to have restraint with the brownie. If you manage to be patient and wait, there is always a healthier yet yummy choice, like you proved.
    I’m here for another week or two (leave date set at 3/13 or 3/18). So until I leave, I’ll be following you! From what I hear, blogger is sometimes blocked in China – although I’m told I can find ways around Big Brother 🙂 I sure hope so, because I LOVE READING YOUR BLOGS! And I would just miss you too darn much!

  5. dear spoiled brat,

    I love you.
    you love you.
    you are WORTH IT.
    I dont care if you march around the domicile or do JUMPING JACKS for 20 seconds.

    get that heart rate up today.
    NOT for calorie burning but for the endorphins!

    you will feel so much perkier.

    xo xo,


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  7. Clever? Writer? Whooo hoooo. You made my day! Thanks for the shout out! 🙂

    You’re very clever yourself, dear! I’m SO with you on the weight losss…Did you see my category – I even started a weight-loss category. I dunno if I ever put a post in there, but its the thought, right? 🙂


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