Dear Miz…

Just for you, I will report in on yesterday’s activities.  (Other readers, please check out Miz‘s comment from yesterday’s post!)

Yesterday I wrote that I would go for a walk as soon as I finished writing.  But it was starting to cloud over before I finished, and the spoiled brat in me was thinking, oh boy, maybe its going to rain and I’ll have an excuse not to walk again.  But then the goody two-shoes me thought, what will my blogmies think of me not doing what I said I was going to do?  Goody two-shoes won out, so I changed into walking clothes and leashed up the doggies.

IT WAS WONDERFUL!!  A wild ride, for sure.  Water was running everywhere, the sun was shining, and it was just fantastic to see water running in little rivulets down the hills to where I knew it would eventually meet up with the little stream that I like to visit.

Sophie couldn’t believe we were running on wet ground on purpose!  (Smooth-haired dachshunds are notorious for not wanting to get their paws wet.)  But eventually she bucked up and got with the program.  I ran and walked and hiked up hills, and then went down to check on the ‘little stream,’ and it was a rushing river!  Glorious!

I don’t know if I got any endorphins, but I know it was good for my mind, body, and spirit!  Thanks for the accountability, guys!

(P.S.  Any of you readers who don’t frequent Miz’s blog, please click here immediately.  She is one of the most giving bloggers in our circle.)

7 thoughts on “Dear Miz…

  1. I was wondering about you…Glad to see you writing again. Thanks for the shout out about Barbara’s blog entry. Those studies fly through the media without any real digging into what they really conclude. …sigh….

    I can so relate to the exercise excuses, though. I have two small stiches in my back from a small cyst I had removed yesterday. I’m clear to shower today, but part of me says, “Oh, you probably shouldn’t sweat all over them…that can’t be hygenic…” Man, I need your goody-two-shoes to kick my assss! LOL

  2. Yep, love The Miz. I am so glad you went out for a walk. & isn’t it neat that you did because of YOUR BLOG FRIENDS?! That’s why this world we’ve created works–we have accountability to each other. I love it.

    And, oh man, the food environment is just brutal. I don’t even want to know all the science behind why I’m doomed to fail. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose. I know what works, I know what doesn’t–for my body. What I don’t know is how to pull myself out of a mental funk, when all I want to do is eat & sleep. Right now, it’s prayer & hope for the spring. Eventually, it’s gonna get better.

    Keep writing!! 🙂

  3. Winter’s tough. I’m guilty, too, of hearing the rain and thinking to myself, “Ah…I have an excuse not to go out into the cold and run today!” (Can I still consider myself a “runner” if I’m having those thoughts?) BUT: then there’s the stationary bike sitting across the room and my expanding collection of fitness DVDs, not to mention the thought of all those shiny machines at the gym…all silently reproaching me for thinking I was going to get a free pass…*sigh*…

  4. Ooops…meant to also say that it’s great that you had a nice walk! Nothing like a little fresh air to get out the mental and physical cobwebs, I find.

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