Oh. My. Goodness.

It has been an eventful 3 days. I went to the Bay Area to help my Dad and his wife again. Had two full days of appointments scheduled, so went a day early to give my Mom ‘equal time.’ That can be stressful as well, but we actually had a very nice time, and I got a gorgeous pair of Ann Taylor heels for spring at the Thrift Store! We went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, and I really did overeat. Then went back to my hotel room, and did like I always did when presented with the cable TV–channel surfed like crazy. And even though I had overeaten, I had to have my evening popcorn, and then settled down to watch ‘Half-Ton Dad.’ Oh. My. Goodness. Honestly, I don’t really like these kinds of shows, but I couldn’t stop watching. And the whole time I am watching, I am ‘feeling’ like I am every bit as fat as that.  I was very happy the next morning that I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror and I actually still have a shape in the middle…

And the next morning, I had a stomach ache.  That hasn’t happened to me for years.  Do you know that they make a Mylanta that is ‘for the pain and discomfort caused by overeating?’  What is wrong with our society?

We got a lot accomplished with the D&J situation (as my sister and I have come to call the situation with Dad and his wife) but the more you get done, the more it seems there is to do.  And, honestly, even though I am always most anxious to leave and come home, I feel terrible walking out the door and leaving them alone.  

So here’s the question I pondered on my way home:

Why don’t they teach you useful stuff in school?  Like ‘How to Care for Aging Parents.’  ‘How to Buy a House.’  ‘The Endless Evils of Credit Cards.’  ‘How to Stay Married More Than Seven Years.’  ‘How to Be a Mother Without Losing Your Mind.’  Oh yeah, and ‘How to Eat Healthy in an Unhealthy World.’


6 thoughts on “Oh. My. Goodness.

  1. Good questions, all of them. But you know what struck me the most? You looked at yourself in the mirror and realized you WEREN’T a half a ton, even though you felt like it. Isn’t our mind’s eye a b-word? As for the Mylanta…yeah…kinda sad we need a medicine to “cure” our overeating. If I had a dime for every Prilosec I injested whilst 300 pounds….

  2. No kidding! Of course, I don’t know if it’s possible to be a mother without losing your mind…at least some of it. %-) Glad to hear the situation is progressing, but oh my, it sounds like a long road. I’m not looking forward to it myself…I have 2 sets of parents, and I’m the only child! Aaaieee! (At least my husband’s one of six kids, and 4/6 live in the immediate area of his mom.)

  3. Melanie: Adult school? Is that where they teach you how to be an adult? Somewhere in my educational track I missed that!

    Lynn- Yeah, that was really a stand out moment for me. Our minds ARE fearfully and wonderfully made….

    Pubsgal–Oh my word. You have your work cut out for you. I hope most of them are healthy.

  4. Preach on sister!! You are so right, though – why don’t they teach these things in school? My FIL seems to be slowly losing his mind – he’s paranoid and has really outrages ideas, and good gravy don’t get him started on the government!! The hubs and I have no idea what to do, but thankfully he has a sister who can help too, so it’s not just up to us. It’s so hard to see your parents become “needy”.

    So many thoughts, but not enough coffee yet to make them coherent!

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