What was That About???

It’s way too late and I am way too tired to write a coherent post.  But I feel the need for confession.  I am usually way beyond tired and way beyond reason after work.  But today…several things added up to me being VERY UNHAPPY on my way home.  So of course, I thought, I’ll eat something bad.  That’ll show ‘them.’  Honestly, I really don’t even know who ‘them’ is.  The only funny thing in this sad tale is that little by little I”ve been weaning the ‘bad’ stuff out of my house, and it was hard to find something ‘bad.’  But I managed.  I remembered the leftover Christmas cookies.  And I chomped down quite a few of them, and then threw the rest away.  

While I was doing that I read my favorite blogs–kinda like the olden days when I would have a brownie and a classic coke while reading my Shape magazine.  And all over blog land I read about people struggling, and even being extremely hungry.  And some people encouraging others to make good choices.  Its exhausting and tiring being us, isn’t it?  Poor us, having food on every corner tempting us, having a tv set in every room showing us food commercials, having enough money even in this economy to be able to gorge ourselves on the ‘dollar menu.’  Poor us.  We should all move to India.

 (I just watched a documentary with two excellent speeches by Mother Teresa.)

Just too tired to link to all I should, but the most excellent post by Dietgirl is a must-read.  And my friend Jill started a new ‘Ask the Pear’ feature, and has some GREAT healthy food ideas (too bad I forgot them 1/2 hour ago.)


4 thoughts on “What was That About???

  1. I hate days like this. You’re so angry, you’re just looking for something to chew on, and let out all your frustration. We do live privileged lives, to have this luxury/problem.

  2. Oh I feel your pain. I’ve gotten a little too friendly with McD’s $1 Hot fudge sunday lately, so you’re not alone.

    Just put on your best Scarlette and remember that tomorrow is another day!! 😉

  3. Ugh! I know….I know.

    I realized the day AFTER I ate M&Ms on the way home from dropping Hugh off that they were very much stress related. I have to work on “being present” more of the time…

    Hope things are better now.

  4. Hi Kilax–welcome to my blog! And I think you are right. I don’t like to think of myself as angry, but that is more true than ‘very unhappy.’

    Jill, you crack me up. I didn’t even know McD’s has a $1 hot fudge sundae. If I even went near a McD’s, I’d have to buy french fries, so I tend to stay away… And I really think your comment about Scarlette made me have a better day the next day! For sure it made me laugh out loud. That is one of my favorite movie quotes of all time.

    And Linda, I SOOOOOO relate to your struggle. That is why I am pulling for you so much. I just know you can do it! NEVER GIVE UP!!

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