The Day After

Just thought I’d post about some upbeat stuff that happened the day after the ‘angry cookie incident!’  (see previous post)  My half-mile walk in from the parking lot was excellent.  I don’t know if it was speed walking or a jog-shuffle, but I felt good enough to go fast the whole way, and then up five flights of stairs without stopping.  Early in the morning I went for a coffee run (we have a good coffee cafe in the lobby of the hospital) and by the time I took everyone’s orders, I had 6 cups of coffee to carry back!  No problem.  My arms were strong enough to carry two trays, one in each hand.  I got a big kick out of that, and everyone who saw me was impressed.  A little thing, but it reminded me that I am still in a different place than I was 4 years ago.  Later in the day I needed a rocking chair for a mom, and there were none in adjacent rooms, so I had to go down a long hall to get one.  I started to drag it, as all of us do in moving the rocking chairs from place to place, and then I thought, why do that.  And I picked it up with one arm and carried it back down the long hall.  It just felt good to be able to do that.  There was no junk food in the breakroom, and so my eating was right on track, and I had even packed less than my allotted amount of food for the day, so that when I got home, I could have a ‘legitimate’ snack.  Whew!  

So the answer to ‘what was that about?’ is “LIFE.”  And it goes on, and we just pick up and keep going.  I got a new book, ‘1oo Days of Weight Loss,’ that I think Jill recommended, and it is pretty good.  It’s my night time read before I fall asleep every night.  each chapter is just a little short comment on what this is all about.  For me, its just a reminder, but I need reminding still.  Oh, I just looked at the book, and it even says ‘A daily motivator’ on the cover.  Last night’s entry was about just this very thing.  The title was ‘Interested or committed?’  And she defines this by saying “With interested, you tend to stay with your plans only until something better comes along.  For me, this is illustrated by the years I read ‘Shape’ magazine with a brownie and a diet coke.  I was very interested in those stories of women losing large amounts of weight, and how to exercise to get those perfect bodies they show in that magazine.  But I wasn’t more interested in losing weight than I was in good brownies…  Then she says “When you’re truly committed to achieving your goals, you have an entirely different outlook…you stick with it, no matter what.

7 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. That book sounds so interesting! I know what you mean about reading SHAPE with a brownie… I’ve done my fair share! Kinda like when Husband and I sat down to watch the Biggest Loser last week with a pizza in our laps… oops! 🙂

  2. Then she says “When you’re truly committed to achieving your goals, you have an entirely different outlook…you stick with it, no matter what.“

    loved it!

  3. I need to dig that book out again – wait, I have it right here in my office with me! Yay!

    My sister gave me a Brighton bracelet that says “celebrate small victories” – sounds like you had a lot of small victories yesterday!! It’s so nice when we are reminded of how far we have come, instead of always thinking about how far we have to go.

  4. “Interested vs. committed” Oh yeah, I can relate to that! Definitely needed this post today! 🙂

    What I’d like to know is, even with doing strength training, why do I still balk and get clumsy about changing the bottle on the office water cooler???

  5. Amen sister! Thanks for the book recommendation. Sounds like you are having a good day. 🙂

    Did you get my email about this weekend? Hope to be able to meet you!

  6. Interested vs committed. I’d not thought of it that way. I guess it’s like we can choose to watch or we can choose to participate. I was a chicken nuggets, fries with an unsweetened iced tea kinda gal for years until I became a salad girl. Always half-assed it, thought about it, never really went for it until I committed to it. I have to get that book!

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