What to Do When You Want to Eat Too Much

Today was kind of a weird day.  There was a planned power outage from 7AM to 4 PM.  No problem, I thought.  Until 7 AM and the computer went off in the midst of a most enjoyable blog read…fortunately I had already cooked my oatmeal.  Went off to church, and decided I would come home and just have a nice quiet afternoon of reading.  And had my food planned out for the day, and was really trying to stick with a limited amount…first problem….roasted brussel sprouts was on the menu for lunch.  Funny how you forget the power is out at the same time you are aware that it is out.  No problem, adjusted my menu and still had a delicious low-cal lunch.  But after that, I was kinda bored.  And I really wanted to eat.  This wasn’t the kind of eating where you are hungry, or where your body is really seeking food.  No, this was just ‘I want to amuse myself with food.’  So here’s what I did.

First, made myself drink a glass of water.  Then did some stuff to keep my hands busy–went over and spun some fiber on my spinning wheel.  Walked around and packed for tomorrow’s trip.  Was packing food to take with me, and allowed myself to have one date with a walnut inside. I still REALLY want to eat, and am continuously going through all the mental gymnastics of why I don’t need to eat right now.  ‘Can you just wait 2 hours?’  Then, still wanting to eat, I found 2 carrots and ate them with a tiny bit of hummus to dip them in, while drinking another glass of water.  Read some more.  Still wanted to eat.   The book I was reading described a delightful scene of two women sitting in front of the fire enjoying coffee and dessert.  I really want to eat.  So, warmed up some leftover coffee and a small slice of banana bread on top of the wood stove.  A delightful snack.  Finally, I don’t want/need to eat anymore.  And the snacks I had were only about 200 calories total.  And now, since I wasn’t really hungry,  and had eaten unplanned-for food, I adjusted my dinner plans, and just had a delicious light dinner of the roasted brussel sprouts and cottage cheese w/pears.  

Now that’s a good food day.  

But it sure did require a lot of mental work.  I have to say, having done the mental work and made it through, it makes me feel just a bit stronger in this never-ending struggle.

4 thoughts on “What to Do When You Want to Eat Too Much

  1. checking on you as per yer comment.
    it CAN BE FREAKIN EXHAUSTING huh? the effort and focus needed to get through a day and make it a good one.
    but you did.
    you succeeded.
    and, my friend, that is 100% what life is.

    merely one good day layered upon another.

    xo xo,


  2. I think you are building your binge resistant muscles.

    I read a comment you made on Vickie’s blog and I had to respond to it. It was about martyr behavior in relation to self care. About passing this miserable mode of existence on to our daughters. Hit me like a ton of bricks. That is sure as heck where I acquired this attitude. I don’t have any kids, but I have beloved nieces I am setting up for a lousy life. Thanks for the insight.

  3. You have no idea how I needed to read this today. God…not eating sometimes is like a full-time job. Now if only I could be monetarily compensated! LOL

    I’m sorry you have to work at it, too, but I’m also glad to know I’m not alone. Thanks again.

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