Living to Eat, or Eating to Live?

Home again, and so glad to be.  Looking forward to eating healthier (already ate a ton of fruit and veggies yesterday!)  It was quite a horrendous week (end result was good) but I don’t want to write about that right now.  What’s on my mind is the Oprah shows I recorded while I was gone, and watched yesterday.

 The first show was actually a recap of that show that I mentioned a few weeks ago about the ‘half-ton dad.’  Only this was the ‘half-ton mom,’ who actually died two years ago following her gastric bypass surgery.  Yikes.  Before they said she had died, I was wondering why they just didn’t feed her a healthy diet there in the hospital where she was a ‘captive audience,’ and would have to eat what they brought her.  They also had ‘Ruby’ on this same show going to an obesity clinic where they treat the severely obese patients as addicts.  Oprah pointed out that obesity was a disease just like alcoholism.  All this just really made me think about the ways many of us get ‘out of control’ with our eating, how we ‘use’ food to calm our anxieties, and how difficult it is to get ‘back on the wagon’ once we fall off.  What do you think?  Is it a true disease?  Is it a true addiction?  Should we be working through the 12 steps of A.A.?  (I don’t even know what the 12 steps are.  I know that Overeaters Anonymous follow these 12 steps.)

The next show was about people who want to extend their life, mostly through dietary changes.  There were the food limiters (the woman ate 1600 calories/day–I didn’t think that sounded so bad.)  And there was the guy that owned Dole and he ate tremendous amounts of fruits and veggies, and a little fish and egg whites.  I think Barbara would approve of his ‘primarian type’ diet.  I actually liked the ideas on this show.  I’m not so much into extending my life, but I would like the end of it to be with as little pain as possible… And I liked the foods that they ate, I liked that the choices are what we all are trying to do–eat clean, or however you would like to describe it.  Whenever I see this type of thing–tables piled high with fruits and veggies–it really appeals to me.  But then, I think, well, I would still want some popcorn.  And some SF FF chocolate pudding.  I guess I’ll just keep trying to adjust what I eat.  I have noticed lately that I have no urge whatsoever to get a hamburger and fries, so that is an indication that I can change.  It just takes time.

3 thoughts on “Living to Eat, or Eating to Live?

  1. I think you are in a really good place, food-wise. I also love piles of fruit and veggies – I get giddy at the site of a fruit/veggie tray, but when I’m in a snacky mood, I go for the sugary carbs first, dangit.

    I’m on the fence about obesity being a disease and food being addictive. In some ways I think I could be a food addict, but I’m not gorging myself on broccoli and cauliflower, it’s sugar that I tend to binge on, so I would say I’m just very fond of sugar. Very, very fond.

  2. Yes, Barbara would approve! LOL

    It’s interesting how our tastes WILL change in time. Just as our weight will change in time. The part that gets most people, though, is, well, TIME.

    This is why I love your blog. You get it 🙂

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