Opinion, please

Every spring our church ladies have a ‘spring tea.’  And of course, scones go with tea.  Well, probably starting 7 or 8 years ago, I started making my ‘famous’ scones for the tea.  And of course, that was pre-weight loss, pre-changing-the-way-I-eat, and pre-changing-the-way-I-look-at-food.  So the main ingredients in the scones are white flour, heavy cream, and sugar.  And they still ask me to make them almost every year.  Which I did somewhat reluctantly last year.  But it is a little bit of a struggle for me.  For one thing, they taste good.  And there is no way I am making 100 scones without eating a few of them.  And I am really struggling with my weight and trying to eat right right now.  Then there is the other ‘moral dilemma.’  I really don’t think food like this is healthy for people.  Why should I be making something I think is bad for your health and serving it to other people?  But then I think, well, am I just being ‘holier than thou’ and trying to force my own opinions on other people?  If they don’t get it from me they will just get it elsewhere.

Writing this out, I think I already have my answer.  But I really would be interested in hearing you all’s opinion on this topic.


11 thoughts on “Opinion, please

  1. If people want those specific scones from you, then I would make them. I would make half the normal way, then make half in a healthy way and provide those as well so that people can make a choice.

  2. Don’t make them. Period.

    I make a big-deal Easter dinner every year. Spiral sliced ham, all the fixin’s, and my famous Orange Juice Cake. My family looks forward to this cake all year, but I only make it on Easter. Guess what? This year – no Easter dinner. I am doing to well to blow it with a day of the “old way” of eating.

    If the scones are tempting, skip them. You’re right – they don’t need them either.

  3. I like Lori’s answer. Make half the old way and come up with a healthier version for yourself and others like you. Personally I’d eat both!

  4. First of all – welcome to my world.

    Second of all – congrats in recognizing that if you make them – you will eat them.

    is this the recipe???
    2 cups whole wheat pastry flour (important to use Pastry flour)
    1 Tbsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp salt
    1/4 cup splenda
    1 cup low-fat evaporated milk
    1-2 cups berries, preferably fresh. If frozen, thaw partially.

    the only thing that I can see that might be improved is NO fat evaporated milk (if there is such a thing – and I am not sure about that).

    I would like to add another suggestion to the mix – give the recipe to someone else in the group – and let them make them.

  5. PS
    And in my world this (problem/quandry) is even more complex because I don’t feed people artificial sweetners – and if that is taken out of the recipe – I assume sugar would have to be added (are the berries enough to carry it?) and then I couldn’t make them – because then I really would eat them. . .

  6. I love the idea above.
    half the old way (in that you never know. people may LOVE THEM SO that it’s their weekly treat that they have been “banking points” for!) and half a new healthier way!!

  7. Thanks, guys, for all the opinions. I did do the half ‘good’ and half ‘healthy’ last year or the year before, and it went well.

    And, Vickie, that recipe from my side bar is the ‘healthy’ version of the original, which uses white flour, sugar, and a cup and a quarter of heavy cream.

  8. I’d say hand off your old recipe to another person attending the tea (probably the woman who LOVES your scones the most). Enlist her support in keeping you on the path you have chosen. Also, I would volunteer to bring lighter scones this year. Maybe you could each make 50 so that people there have a choice.

    This way there is less temptation for you and others may still get their “fix” if they really need it. Plus you friend may get a needed wake up call by seeing the ingredients listed. Ignorance is bliss, right?

  9. I agree with Juice, ask for help and tell them that it would be too much for you to make them, smell them and still stay on a healthy path.

    My other suggestion is that you make them with someone at their house, so that you can help get the texture right etc and then leave them there where you wont be tempted. That way they won’t be on your counter or in the pantry calling your name, and if you have one post baking it’s not the end of the world 🙂

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