Hope Springs Eternal


Well, I was just going to title this ‘Fitcourse’ but ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ sounds much more…well,…hopeful.  And that is how I feel today.

Tuesday I went to meet with a personal trainer (finally.)  Actually, she offered a group class called Fitcourse that I found more affordable, but then the class got delayed for a week, so I decided to meet with her privately this week, and it was so worth it.  Tuesday, she took my measurements, and did a review of my current exercise habits, etc.  And did a fitness test which was VERY tough. It doesn’t sound that tough, but I am sore today from the silly test.  Stepping up 12 inches for 3 minutes was one, and pushups (correct form, Vickie) was another.

Then today I went back, and she gave me an evaluation of where I am, and what I will need to go to get to where I want to go.  A lot of numbers (I’m a numbers gal, like you Lori,) so I really liked that.  I won’t bore you with all the numbers, but I will say that my body fat percentage was horrifying a tad bit high.  She calculated that I could eat 1470 calories a day if I did 4 hours of moderate exercise a week.  Right now that is a lot more than I have been doing.  But it is definitely a realistic goal of mine.  That is obviously less calories than I have been eating lately, but I have gotten in the habit of counting calories (instead of points,) and am enjoying that.  

She also designed a weight lifting program for me, keeping my back in mind, and worked with me on correct form, which I was sorely lacking in.  I really enjoyed it so much, I could envision spending a lot of money this way.  But for now, I’ll see how the course goes.

Just to be honest, the day in between, Wednesday, I did one of my long trips (6 hours in the car) back and forth to the Bay Area to help my dad and his wife.  It was really a very good day, very gratifying that I can do little things that they appreciate so much.  But there is really no ‘me’ time in a day like this, and for a selfish single gal like me, that is hard.  I did good by deciding not to go out to dinner on the way home, but then I ate about a thousand (really) calories in the car on the drive home.

Oh well…

I am including pictures of spring in my garden (that is Rindy, one of the ‘bad little girls, who is keeping up her reputation by getting two bills out of my wallet $1 and $20, and only chewing on the $20.)  And below is my finished ‘rug’ that I designed myself and started last summer at rug hooking camp.  I really like it, and I am so excited that I am going to get to go back to Cambria for camp again this June.



8 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. loved the rug!!!

    I always love your garden/yard/outdoor pics – will be looking forward to more of them.

    VERY exciting to hear about your PT – I think that they are absolutely wonderful – I used mine to work on form and ability – much like what you describe. Met more in the beginning (I would forget form and have questions). Eventually this moved into my free weight classes. I will be interested to hear about the Fitcourse when it gets going. Please keep posting about all this – very eager to hear it.

  2. Debby! I haven’t been able to access anyone’s blogs in a long while. I can post on mine, but can’t read anything! I finally did a google search for Debbyweighsin and found you. 🙂
    Personal trainer? Sounds like you’re going to get your hind end kicked in a good way. The soreness is good… it means you worked hard!
    Your yard is gorgeous; and so is your dog. Is Rindy older? I love when they get white around the face… makes them “distinguished”.
    China is great; I’m fitting comfortably in my size 18 pants, and can zip up my 16s.. .better than the 22’s I was wearing a year ago!
    Anyway, it’s great to read about how you’re doing. You are on my favorites.. so even if blogger doesn’t work, I can manage to keep up to date on you!!!

  3. Wow, Amy Jo! So great to hear from you. Sounds like China is the way to go for weight loss! That’s fantastic. I hope you are learning some new recipes that you can share with us when you get back.

    Rindy is not that old–I think she’ll be 8 years this summer. She’s just one of those red dachshunds that gets prematurely gray in the face. I think its cute too.

    Vickie–I am very excited about the PT too. Like Amy Jo said, I am sore tonight, but it is a good sore. From doing exercises correctly. Also, a little added accountability never hurt anybody. I counted my calories very carefully today. It seems like there’s no point in being sore if it doesn’t result in a bit of a change!

  4. That rug is gorgeous – I love those colors!!

    How fun that you have a PT now! I think this will help you a lot – give you something else to focus on besides food.

    Love your garden! So pretty. I can’t wait to redo our flower bed. I really would like to focus on getting the outside of our house looking really good (because as long as I have kids, the inside is going to be a disaster!).

  5. Hi Jill, glad you like my rug.

    And you make a good point–this is definitely giving me something to focus on besides food. I hadn’t realized how much I focus on food until you said that–hard to believe, I know. But even when it was good choices, my focus has really been on food for quite a while now.

    The garden…in some ways it used to seem like more work because it is all container, but now I have a few little routines. Like, plant pansies and violas and daffodils in the fall, even though I am not in the mood by then, and then spring all I have to do is watch what happens. Its pretty fun.

  6. I LOVE your rug. And poochy in the garden is priceless. i took a few pics of what spring is trying to do here in Wisconsin. Will post later.

  7. I love the rug! It is gorgeous. 🙂 Hooking is a skill I’ve always wanted to learn, but it’s on the back burner for now.

    Unfortunately, I can totally relate to the 1000 calorie car ride. Sounds like you are on the right track with the PT!

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