Fantastic Food Finds

Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I always like a good title…and I am genuinely excited when I find a new food that mimics an old favorite, and actually tastes good.

Food find #1:  I used to buy those tubs of strawberry flavored cream cheese and spread it on celery.  Yumm!!!!  Well, the other day, I finally bought some of that Laughing Cow Cheese Lite (thanks, Miz!)  And then I bought some celery on my next trip to the grocery.  And I came up with the idea of crushing a strawberry or two with a fork, and stirring in a laughing cow cheese wedge. OMGosh!  That was fantastic.  Better than the original.  It would be great on a bagel or an english muffin.  Yum Yum Yummmmmm!!  Okay, but here’s a question for you.  (And I will probably try this today.)  Laughing Cow has 35 calories and 2 grams protein per wedge, which is 3/4 ounce.  Non-fat cream cheese has 30 calories and 4 grams protein per ONE ounce serving.  Seems like a better deal to me.  Probably the LC has a better texture.  But for mixing with the strawberries, I bet it doesn’t make much of a difference.  Oh yeah, for myself, I added  a little splenda.  But for those non-splenda types, you could easily go without, or add a bit of whatever sweetener you prefer.

Food find #2:  Soy crisps.  I know, I’m a little late to the party.  But, after Roni went on and on in her video describing her love for them, I decided I had to try.  And they had BBQ flavor which I hadn’t known about before.  BBQ chips is one of my very occasional treats that I enjoy.  I have no problem counting out/weighing out 100 calories worth, and a small bag can last me 6 months.  ANYWAYS, the soy crisps were great!  The calories were quite a bit lower (110 calories per ounce compared to 150/ounce for the chips I have.)  But here’s the good part:  the soy crisps are a LOT lighter in weight, so you get a bigger volume.  Fun!  And I really liked the ‘Honey BBQ’ flavor (Trader Joe’s)  I can add 30 calories worth to my lunch and be very happy.  Oh, yeah, plus the soy crisps have a decent amount of protein (8 grams/ounce.)  Which leads me to a comment, not a food find.

Yogurt.  I am of the opinion that the whole yogurt field has been abused and misused as a result of its being a popular ‘health food.’  Yoplait, specifically.  I got some recently because it was on sale, and because my brother recommended it.  I got the 100 calorie lite.  Here’s the stats:  the container only had 4 grams protein.  And the SECOND ingredient listed was High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Aaaaargh!  Other yogurts have attempted to jump on the high fiber bandwagon by adding inulin (chicory root extract.)  Now, actually, I think I like inulin, because I notice whenever a food has it added, I seem to really enjoy that food.  I think it is a texture thing rather than a flavor thing.  But really, I think inulin has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever.  Compare all this to greek yogurt (T.J.’s 2%):  for 120 calories you get the same 6 ounces as the yoplait lite, 16 grams of protein, and the ingredients are milk, cream, and yogurt cultures.  This is so rich that I never eat 6 ounces at a time.  Usually 3-4 ounces is plenty.  And if you get the Fage 0% greek yogurt, the stats are even better.

Food find #3:  Do you like crabmeat?  This seems to be a seasonal thing at Trader Joe’s, and it has appeared again.  For $8.99 you can get a one pound can of premium crab meat.  It is delicious, and I love to just have a crab meat cocktail.  90 calories for 4 ounces.  I bring it home and divide it into 4 baggies and freeze it.   A word of warning–even though its canned, you have to keep it refrigerated.  My BF got some and put it in her pantry, and some time later….ewwwww…I”ll let you use your imagination here!

Food find #4:  Filet mignon.  This is what I fixed myself for Easter dinner.  It’s one of the leanest cuts of beef, and delicious, if you get a good one.  Recently at our local discount market, they had a whole filet (kind of like a pork tenderloin) for only $5/pound.  I brought it home and cut it into the size filets I wanted, wrapped each and froze.  They have been absolutely delicious.  

All right, people, enough food talk.  I am trying to make food a less important part of my life, but I just had to get that out there.  Today is the first official day of my Fitcourse and I am excited about it.  I will try to post later today about what I have already learned, and how that part of my life is going!

7 thoughts on “Fantastic Food Finds

  1. mmmmm that all sounds soooo good! The filet mignon makes me jealous. I’ll have to see if I can find some good cuts of meat!
    You have such great self control; I couldn’t possibly keep a bag of BBQ chips in the house for more than a day.
    Thanks for sharing your diet tips with us… you are so creative. We have something called “Breakfast cheese” here; it’s similar to laughing cow. Maybe I’ll try the strawberry thing!!!

  2. Yes I am Miz!

    And for anyone who might be wondering, I tried the nonfat cream cheese with the strawberries ‘spread’ and it was not nearly as good as the laughing cow. A little clumpy and not as tasty. Fat can be our friend sometimes! (I think the little bit of fat in laughing cow made the difference.)

  3. Hmmm… I have some Laughing Cow in the back of the fridge just sitting there, bored. I’m getting myself some s-berries today and trying your “recipe.” Thank you!! And heck yeah to the Fage 0%. It’s my breakfast staple with a little fruit, soy milk and stevia blended together in a smoothie. Gets me through a workout.

  4. Yum, yum, yum to all of the above!

    Regarding inulin, I’ve read that it does have some health benefits, such as being a source of soluble fiber and aiding calcium absorption.

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