Okay, here’s what’s happened so far.  I am guardedly very excited about this whole thing.  Very excited because, well, its exciting.  But guarded because I know its easier to get excited about the idea of doing something than the actual long-term incorporating it into your life.

So, last Thursday I went, and my P.T. had done a whole profile on me, after having done a lot of measurements and a fitness test, and she gave me a lot of information about myself, including my body fat percentage (ugh!) and muscle mass.  She calculated out how many calories I could eat and lose 1 pound a week (1480, which is less than I was eating…thus my weight gain lack of weight loss over the past few months.)  1480 is a very doable amount of calories, as long as you eat nutritionally, and don’t add in too many snacks.

Then she did a basic workout plan for me, taking into consideration my back and my knees.  I really like her.  She isn’t like Jillian, and she isn’t 20-something and too perky.  She is nice and encouraging, and normal.  And she is in unbelievable shape, but it is somehow normal too.  I think the best part of what she did was to work on my form.  I have lifted weights, and done heavier weights than she had me doing, but what I did was to alter the form to make it easier, and so I actually didn’t get as much benefit from the exercises  that I did.

Yesterday I went for the first day of the Fitcourse, and I was the only one who signed up!  Which worked out great for me because I really liked the personalized training.  So we worked out a deal that was fair for both of us.  So now I will have a ‘personal trainer’ for the next 4 weeks, and I imagine it will lead into a lot more than that.  One thing I struggle with is the expense–justifying spending that much money on ‘something I can do myself.’  Oh, yeah, as I write that I realize that is the problem.  I can’t do it myself .  And that is how I have been thinking the past few days.  My issues with weight are no different than someone with a chronic disease or disability.  And sometimes it is expensive (in time AND money) to take care of those things.  SO WHAT?  That’s the way it is, and if that is what it takes to have a healthier life, that is what I will do.

Okay, I got a little off track there…at the end of our workout, she showed me something called Tabata interval workouts.  I am linking to an article about it.  But basically, you choose a ‘whole body exercise’ and do it as hard as you can for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, and then repeat for a total of 8 times (4 minutes.)  It is supposed to do the max for you in regards to working out your whole body, and also can help to boost your metabolism.  Very interesting.  And very hard….



7 thoughts on “Fitcourse

  1. I’m excited for you! I think it’s great that you’re investing in your health, although I can understand being concerned about the expense. Perhaps investing some now can put off the more expensive health care bills later on?

  2. Good for you on getting excited about it! I’m excited for you, too!

    You are making an investment in yourself. Yes – it costs money, but maybe it will save you money in the long run not having to go to the doctor’s or other health problems by staying fit and focused!

    Intervals are hard. When you do intervals, it makes you realize how many times you have ‘phoned in’ a workout in the past LOL!

  3. loved every word and read it twice – keep writing all about it please.

    form is everything.

    There are several women in my free weight class that have had their eyes opened – they were lifting much heavier (too heavy actually) but as you said – were compensating so that the muscles really weren’t being worked.

    Every once in a while we do a free weights class with NO weights – and it KILLS. It is all resistance and form and lots and lots of repetitions.

  4. I think/remember how much $$$ I used to spend on eating out and on junk and on medication and on over shopping – when I think that way – I realize that my exercise classes are much cheaper.

  5. Hey Vickie, you almost always bring something to mind that I hadn’t thought of. I did think a little about the money I used to spend on food, and the money I would avoid in future medications/hospitalizations, but I didn’t think about the money I used to spend on over-shopping. Thanks!

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