Detox, Day Two

This is such an interesting experiment.  How come, every day, I have to have my popcorn? I ‘can’t live’ without my coffee?’  And 95% of days I make sure I get a little chocolate (to guard against what, I’m not quite sure.)  And yet, I agree to this four day plan, and really, there is no obsession over missing these things.  Well, you might say, its only 4 days.  Yes, but before this, I ‘couldn’t miss these foods for even a day, I thought.  Really, I am a bit mystified by this.

Miz asked ‘how are you feeling today? what are todays eats?’  Well, I almost titled this ‘Bleahhhh.’  That’s how I felt the first half of the day.  I never put that much stock in the caffeine in coffee, but maybe that is why I felt like that.  There’s also the possibility that I would have felt like that no matter what I was eating.  I just have days like that sometimes.  I did notice that when I took the dogs for a walk, I really did not have the energy to go as far as I was planning on.  Vickie had told me that you were only supposed to do very light exercise/stretching on the days of this diet.

After lunch, my mood lightened significantly, and I felt that quiet contented feeling again.  Again, not sure if this is because of the food, or maybe its a little because I have decided I won’t veer from the diet, so there is not all the angst over whether I should or should not eat this or that…or maybe, I could give some credit to the extremely healthy food I am eating.

So here are some of the foods I tried today (oh, BTW, I posted the ‘recipe’ for the veggie stir fry over in the recipes section, because it was even more delicious as leftovers for lunch today.)  For breakfast, there was a recipe for brown rice with a ‘sauce’ made by simmering raisins, cinnamon, apple juice, lemon zest, and lemon juice.  It was quite tasty, a little too heavy on the lemon for me.  Again, I decided not to veer from the recipe for this experiment, because maybe there was something magical and good that I could get from the lemon juice!  I can see tweaking this recipe for future use.  For dinner, the order was 4 oz. turkey, and ‘vegetable stew’ to include sweet potatoes.  Well, as you can tell, this diet is FULL of vegetables, which is fine with me, but I didn’t feel like mixing them up again, so instead I baked a sw. potato, and ate half, and steamed some baby green beans (I happened to pick up a big bag of these at Costco the other day–excellent, and so easy, you don’t have to cut them or anything.)  This was a delicious and very satisfying meal.  My ‘snack’ for tonight is a baked apple with honey, cinnamon, and walnuts–yumm!

Anyways, that’s how its going here.  I’m a tiny bit worried about not having enough energy at work, but I have already planned out my meals to fit into my work schedule, and I think it’ll be fine.

Thanks for listening, and have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Detox, Day Two

  1. Im surprised I read this and thought “that brown rice concoction sounds GREAT TO ME!”

    thanks for posting an update on this…Im enjoying living vicariously and seeing how you feel!

  2. Hey Debby, I think you should bookmark that sauce recipe. I bet if you thickened with a bit of water and cornstarch it would be awesome! It sounds good to me because I love all those ingredients, especially lemon!

    I could never do the coffee detox. I do drink some decaf – but that is one true vice I will always have LOL!

  3. I’m so proud and in awe of you for sticking with this and not “tweaking” it to appease your inner toddler!! I’ll bet you are going to feel great when it’s over. Keep it up!!

  4. This experiment of yours has me thinking of how I’ve gotten in an eating rut, i.e. “I can’t live without ______.” I loved your Flavors post. Can I be brave enough to enjoy my tea without stevia? I know that sounds silly, but seriously, what’s wrong that I can’t just let tea be tea?

    I guess I have my meditation subject for the day! I look forward to hearing the rest of your experience. God love ya!

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