Just a really short post to say I made it through day 3 of the detox diet!  Through my 15 1/2 hour work day, no less!  I ate exactly what was ordered.  The only thing I changed was the order I ate the food in, so I could fit it into my breaks.  Well, I lie.  I tweaked the stuff the tiniest bit.  Today’s food was exactly the same as yesterday (again my choice because this worked out better on a work day.)  So, to the breakfast rice mixture, I added just a tiny bit of Unsweetened vanilla almond breeze–that made it MUCH better.  And for the ‘baked apple’ at the end of the day, I deleted the honey, and added a date.

Anyway, what I am learning and appreciating so much is the flavor of simple foods.  Of course, I always appreciate the flavor of food–I love food!  And I do try to eat mindfully, and enjoy what I am eating.  But I mean the flavor of SIMPLE food.  For example, the baked sweet potato.  Of course, in the distant past, I enjoyed a baked sweet potato swimming in melted butter.    Even now, I use my spray butter to ‘enhance’ the sweet potato.  But this little diet experiment–no dairy!  So I just ate the sweet potato plain.  The simple, subtle flavor became more noticable and enjoyable the more I ate the potato.  And an apple!  When all you get is one piece of fruit a day, a little bite of apple is truly delightful.

If for nothing else, this little diet-experiment has taught me to appreciate simple food in new and better ways.

3 thoughts on “Flavors

  1. Literally – your taste buds become more sensitive and you taste the natural flavors – that have been there all along – with a greater intensity.

    When taste buds are exposed to ‘easy to get to’ tastes – like butter and salt and sugar – they don’t have to work as hard and are not nearly as sensitive.

    Perfume was invented to disguise the smell of BO when people did not bathe.

    Salt used to hid the taste of rotting food (and of course to preserve it). The need for it is no longer there – food is readily available – it is the habit of it that remains.

    I am really enjoying all that you are writing about your process.

  2. YES! I’ve been thinking the same thing! I had a plain, steamed bun this morning at breakfast. No filling, no butter on it, no anything. Just a sticky, plain steamed bun. But it tasted faintly sweet; the texture was so perfect. If there had been butter on it, I would have gobbled it up and not really thought anything of it!

    Great job with the detox diet! Sounds like you’re doing great. Hopefully you can take what you’ve learned during the diet and use it in the future (although there’s no harm in a little spray butter.. 🙂 )

  3. If for nothing else, this little diet-experiment has taught me to appreciate simple food in new and better ways.

    Although Ive thought OOOH I COULD NEVER DO THE DETOX!! That sentence made me realize that in a tiny way I live it!

    since Ive started eat far fewer sauces etc the amazing flavor of the plain (the fish, the salad , the whatever) is ENOUGH!

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