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Well, today I ate pretty well.  Stayed within my new calorie allotment.  Enjoyed some of my old favorites.  But learned some pretty significant things, I think.

First, coffee.  Aaah.  I love the routine of it almost as much as the taste.  I am  a person who is very happy when things stay the same.  And getting up and making my coffee first thing every morning is very comforting.  But I think that I have come to associate coffee with baked goods.  Now the baked goods I have are all ‘legal.’  But maybe not necessary every morning.  I don’t think this means I need to eliminate my coffee.  I just need to adjust my thinking about what goes with coffee.

Second, later in the morning, I was quite jittery.  Again, not certain it was from the coffee.  Maybe it was the phone call from someone I don’t always like talking to…but I don’t like feeling jittery.  Please, Lord, don’t make me give up my coffee yet!

Next thing was really funny.  I had planned to have more dairy (cottage cheese and fruit) for lunch but somehow, the leftover veggies sounded great with some rice and  a scrambled egg in it (almost like fried rice, an old favorite of mine!)  This is a good thing.  BTW, I bought some mixed rice that had 4 kinds of rice in it–looks pretty, and much more interesting to eat than plain brown rice.  

Here is the biggest insight, and I hope I will take it to heart and put it into practice.  I really liked the healthy snacks on the detox diet.  And, of course, I can think of all kinds of other healthy snacks to have.  So tonight when I had my old standby popcorn and a bit of chocolate, and I wrote down the calories for it (215) I realized there was quite a large variety of healthy snacks that I could eat and enjoy for that amount of calories.  I hate to blame the points system, but this is another holdover from that system.  (I should say it is a holdover from my use of the system. )  When  I started W.W., the amount of popcorn I ate was one point, and that seemed like such a good deal.  As time has gone on, however, it took more and more popcorn to satisfy me.  And the whole volume thing….I hope I can just get over that.  One of the snacks she suggested was 1/4 cup of natural sunflower seeds.  I substituted pine nuts because they are the same size and I like them.  Anyways, the trouble with a nut snack is that it looks SO SMALL!  But I noticed that it took a long time to eat all those little nuts.  That is a good thing in my book.  I think I will work on compiling a list of healthy and tasty 100 and 200 calorie snacks.

Tomorrow is my next session with my P.T. and I am so excited.  I am starting to feel like a real athlete again.  Today I worked my lower body and went to Curves for some cardio, and then Vickie will work with me on my upper body and teach me some new stuff.

Or is it just the new tennis shoes that make me feel like an athlete?!?



4 thoughts on “More Insights

  1. Love the shoes – am startled every time I see you type ‘vickie’ and think ‘what did I say?’, then realize you are talking about your trainer – does she really have the same spelling? It always seems more balanced to me – but the i and y are so much more common.

    I look forward to hearing about your workout.

  2. Love the shoes, love the flowers, love the insights. I’ve not let go of the points system yet. I want to, but…I skeered. I’ll keep watching you for awhile, if that’s OK.

    I do the same thing when I see “Vickie.” I think blogger Vickie is her trainer? LOL

  3. Way to go! And I’m thinking decaf (or half-caf) is in your future. Personally I like NOT having coffee everyday. That way I’m not addicted, but I can get a quick energy boost whenever I really need it.

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