A Different Kind of Travel Day

Yesterday was another trip to the Bay Area to visit/help my dad.  This has become a huge problem for me over the past few months.  Stress, tired, no ‘me-time,’ however you want to put it, these travel/out of town days have been fraught with too much/wrong food choices.

Since doing the detox diet, and being accountable to Vicky (P.T.), I really did not want to go off track yesterday.  So I wrote out my food plan for the day–3 meals, 2 snacks- made it as nutritious and filling as possible, and was determined to stick by it!  I also tried to include some ‘treat’ type food, so I wouldn’t feel deprived.  And I stuck to it–YAY!

Here’s what I planned:

Before leaving house:  Yogurt, 100 cal.

Stop at Starbuck’s:  Coffee w/half and half,  40, Macadamia and white chocolate Clif bar,  240 

Snack:  Raisins, walnuts, chocolate chips (13, I count them out!)  200 calories

Lunch:  Pear, 1 cup cottage cheese, 2 Tbsp flax meal, 270 cal, steamed green beans, 25 cal

Snack:  Popcorn, 135 cal

Snack:  Frozen yogurt, toppings, 280 cal.

Dinner:  Turkey 4 oz., 160 cal, veggies, 25 cal.

1475 calories–my goal 1480!

Okay, I only veered off at the end.  Out here we have these little stands that open up each spring and sell strawberries picked at the peak of ripeness-really a different fruit than store strawberries!  So I picked some up on my way home, and I couldn’t resist a bowl of them with a little greek yogurt (Fage 0%) total calories: 80.  OMGoodness, people.  You have to try this yogurt.  I can’t believe it is so thick and creamy.  And low in calories and high in protein.

Another insight for me, and maybe you.  Since I am in my car so much, I really want to have snacks to eat in the car.  The green beans that I brought for lunch were those young ones that you can ‘steam in the bag.’  I brought them along, and steamed them in my dad’s microwave.  I was so full from lunch, I didn’t eat them.  So on the drive home, I found them to be excellent ‘finger food’ to snack on.  I might be replacing my popcorn obsession with veggies soon!

5 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Travel Day

  1. Yay you! I would kill for those strawberries. We pay $4 ON SALE for strawberries (it’s maybe 2 pints? I have no idea–it’s the “big” plastic box). My kids love ’em, though, so if they eat them I buy them (when the aren’t $7, which is what they cost in the winter time).

    The green bean tip is smart. I bet you could do the same with edamame (which I haven’t tried yet but have heard is yummy). Fage is great. I used to mix choc. protein powder with it for a chocolate mousse type “dessert.”

    Great job making a plan & sticking to it.

  2. You did so well. I understand only too well what a day of travel and visiting your Dad does to best laid plans.

    We are currently planning a side trip to your neck of the woods, probably about June 18th or 19th. Would be to meet for coffee.

    I know it is a risk meeting strangers ….. will we find anything to talk about? Will we wish we hadn’t made the committment? Will we find that we wish we had kept this to a blog only relationship?

    Will be in touch closer to the date for details if you would like to meet.

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