Reporting In

Had another excellent day.  Took a 3 mile hike with the dogs–the longest I’ve gone for quite a while.  At the end, I did 4 minutes of ‘intervals’ where I jogged for 20 seconds, walked for 10 seconds, and repeated X8.  It is harder than it sounds, but such a good challenge.  While I was out walking I thought about…what else, food.  I decided to have a chocolate banana smoothie for my post-exercise snack.  I adjusted the recipe on the side bar, and it was better than ever.  1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, 1 frozen banana, 2 egg whites, 2 Tbsp cocoa, and 4 ice cubes.  This is so excellent, and for only 180 calories, a pretty nutritional snack.  It was almost too chocolaty with the 2 Tbsp cocoa!

For lunch, I made ‘fried rice.’  I looked at this big platter of fried rice, and couldn’t believe I could eat this on a diet.  Fried rice has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.  As a young adult, my mom and I used to go out and just order fried rice between us.  But fried rice these days is usually disappointing–mostly rice with a few frozen veggies, and a bit of meat.  Well, to make this, I used onion, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, green onions, and frozen peas (all the other vegetables were fresh.)  Just sprayed the pan w/oil spray to start, and cooked the veggies for quite a while, then added 1 tsp. sesame oil, and some soy sauce.  I had 1 ounce of pre-cooked pork tenderloin that I had chopped into small pieces, and 1 cup of rice which I added to the veggies at the very end.  Unbelievable!

Then I did my upper body weight exercises, and one set of interval exercises.  I had a bowl of strawberries with a little fage for my snack.

Dinner was funny.  I had picked up some brocolli beef at Trader Joe’s.  The nutritionals sounded decent, and it just looked delicious.  After my success at lunch, I had had the thought that I could probably do the brocolli beef better than T.J.’s.  So when I fixed it, I added some tomato, which sounded good.  But when I tasted the beef I decided that it was not worthy (more chicken food.)  By now I was tired and hungry, and so I thawed out 2 ounces of my cooked turkey breast, and topped it with a bit of salsa, and avacado.  That was excellent, and only took a minute!  I had it with an ear of corn.

All in all, an excellent day both food and exercise wise.  I feel like the switch has been turned back on again!  I hope it stays on this time.  

I’m off to work for a couple of days.  Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Reporting In

  1. the lowest sodium ‘soy’ that I have been able to find is actually less sodium Teriyaki sauce – at 320 mg per 1 T.

    And then I dilute it by 1/2 with water (so 1 T Teriyaki and 1 T water).

    I don’t know if the soy bothers you or not. Soy is one of the things that I WISH they could find a true low salt alternative (or substitute or something). Even the low salt soy is loaded with sodium (which gives me migraines).

  2. You are on fi-yah!! Keep going girl, and when you have a spare minute, come on over and flip my switch. It has been stuck in the off position far too long.


  3. Woo hoo! Go, Debby! That chocolate banana smoothie sounds very tasty; I’ll have to try it. (Need to get to the store and get myself some more Almond Breeze! I’m out! Aaaiiieee!)

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